If you are going to Shanghai in Formula 1, try to carve out at least another week to get an idea of ​​this largest city in China, its financial and cultural capital.

Shanghai can be described as a “showcase of the Chinese economy”, because here, in the Bund, there are many representative offices of Western companies.

Every year, Shanghai doubles its economic growth. And that is over the past decade.

The Shanghai International Circuit is the embodiment of such a powerful technological progress, because until now it has no equal.

Shanghai International Circuit is the best in the world to review and challenging for race drivers.

Residential area
Residential area

Some interesting facts about Shanghai:

  • The population is 13.4 million people.
  • 1 Chinese Yuan equals 0.14 United States Dollar
  • The first Formula 1 Grand Prix was held in 2004.
  • Chinese is spoken in Shanghai.
  • Religion: Confucianism, Buddhism, Taoism, Islam, Christianity.
  • Weather in Shanghai during the Formula 1 auto race: about 30 degrees Celsius.
jade buddha temple
Jade buddha temple

How much will your trip to Shanghai cost

When planning any trip, it is important to compare how much the tour will cost there and how much the trip will cost if you plan it yourself.

Hotels in Shanghai are inexpensive. For $ 130/4 nights, you can find a hotel near the city center with a rating on booking.com above 7/10.

For 4-5 days for food in cafes and restaurants, one will cost you about $ 200.

One trip on public transport costs about $ 1. If you take the subway from Pudon Airport, the cost of the trip will be $ 1.5.

One trip on the Maglev high-speed train from the airport to the center of Shanghai costs about 550 rubles (50 yuan).

qinhuai he river
Qinhuai he river

Taxi cost in Shanghai

Separately, it is worth writing about a taxi in Shanghai. Its cost is small.

a transfer from Pudon airport to the city center costs about $ 35

a transfer from downtown to Shanghai International Circuit will cost you about $ 45

a trip from Pudon airport to the Shanghai circuit will cost about $ 70

city in the smog
City in the smog

Transportation in Shanghai

There are two airports in Shanghai where international flights arrive: Pudong Airport (the largest) and Hongqiao Airport.

Pudon Airport is located 30 km southeast of the center

Hongqiao Airport – 18 km to the center

Getting from Pudon Airport to the center of Shanghai is best done with Maglev super-fast trains (the word is derived from the combination of “magnetic levitation” – “magnetic levitation”).

The train reaches speeds of up to 300 – 350 km / h. And thanks to a completely new technology, it moves almost silently.

longhua temple
Longhua temple

You will get from the airport to the center of Shanghai in just 8 minutes.

There are two subway lines in Shanghai.

For the sake of the excursion, you can swim along the Huangpu River on a water bus.

Car rental is a challenge here.

When renting a car in Shanghai, you must hire a Chinese driver.

It is probably for the better, because the traffic in Shanghai is dense and the driving style is quite unpredictable. It is noteworthy that in Shanghai, mandatory driver’s licenses were introduced only in 2004.

the bund
The bund

Hotels in Shanghai

The best option would be to stay in the city center.

Here are just a few examples of good hotels:

  • Kevin’s old house
  • Central Hotel Shanghai
  • Sofitel Shanghai Hyland
  • Modena Putuo Shanghai
  • Shanghai Grand Trustel Purple Mountain Hotel
jade buddha temple yard
Jade buddha temple yard

Restaurants in Shanghai

The best restaurants can be found in the Bund. Choose any, there are no bad ones. In general, decent places are concentrated mainly in the center, but you should not go further than the Xintiandi area, since there can be quite dubious options.

If you turn off the main streets into alleys, there you will find many eateries where you can have a tasty and inexpensive meal.

Huangpu river
Huangpu river

Where to go and what to do in Shanghai?

Be sure to go to the Pudong (Pudong) area, where you will find the best restaurants, pubs and clubs.

The Bund is more famous for its shopping centers, shops here are considered the best in China.

But despite all these skyscrapers and elements of a high-tech city, you never leave the feeling that you are in the Far East, with its mystery and bazaars.

Half of the inhabitants of Shanghai actively ride bicycles. There are many bike paths in Shanghai.

View from a skyscraper
View from a skyscraper

Among the attractions of Shanghai itself and its suburbs:

  • Dongtai Antique Market
  • Shanghai Museum
  • Shanghai Exhibition Center
  • HSBC Bank of 1865
  • Confucius Temple in Shanghai
Shanghai tower
Shanghai tower

If you drive into the city a little west of Shanghai, you can see the laughing Buddha in Hangzhou.

And if you decide to stay in China for a couple of weeks, you can fly by plane to the famous Chinese Wall, to the capital, and to another race track in the city of Zhuhai.