Where is Saint Tropez located?

Saint-Tropez is located on the south coast of France, which is called the Cote d’Azur due to the delightful color of coastal waters. The “neighbors” of Saint-Tropez are the cities of Saint-Maxim, Ramatuelle, Gassin and La Croix-Valme. A little further towards Nice are Frejus, Cannes, Antibes and Cagnes-sur-Mer (if you go along the coast). The distance between Nice and Saint-Tropez is about 110 km. The indigenous population of Saint-Tropez is about 5,000. Almost all residents of the city are engaged in tourism: they work in hotels, health centers and youth centers, cafes, a cinema, shops and libraries.

City coastline and beach
City coastline and beach

History of Saint-Tropez

The ancient settlement, on the site of which Saint Tropez today is located, was founded in the 2nd century BC. e. The city received its modern name in honor of the Holy Great Martyr Torpis (Trofim), who was executed by the Emperor Nero together with the Apostle Paul (in some sources – Peter) in the 1st century BC. e.

The walls of the ancient buildings of Saint-Tropez are fraught with many memories. In the X century, the city was ruled by pirates, after which it became part of the county of Provence. 

The most “productive” to historical events was the XVII century:

– in 1615, the first meeting of the French and Japanese took place here in history: due to bad weather conditions, the expedition of Samurai Hasekurai Tsunenagai, bound for Rome, was forced to enter the local port;

– in 1637, local residents, who had only 4 ships at their disposal, repelled the attack of 22 Spanish galleons. In honor of this event, the inhabitants of the city annually gather for the traditional festive procession – “Bravaddu”.

Saint-Tropez became world famous as a resort in the 20th century, when famous artists (Paul Signac, Pierre Bonnard, Henri Matisse) and couturiers (Coco Chanel, Elsa Chiapareli) began to come here on vacation.

However, the cinema brought the greatest fame to the city: here the famous paintings “And God created a woman”, “Pool”, “An injection with an umbrella”, as well as the famous “gendarmede”, telling about the hilarious adventures of Louis Cruchot, whose role was played by the inimitable Louis de Funes .

The most beautiful photos of Saint-Tropez are obtained from the sea. So, while walking on a yacht, do not forget to bring a camera with you. If your technique allows you to take a photo of the night Saint Tropez, also go to the port: at this time, the moored yachts shimmer with colorful lights that are reflected in the water, creating a truly magical picture.

At any time of the day the streets of Saint-Tropez in the photo are simply excellent. Ready-made photos of the city are often sold on the embankments of Saint-Tropez, including successful photos of Saint-Tropez at night, as well as city landscapes of local artists.

Villas on the hill
Villas on the hill

Beaches in Saint-Tropez

Overview of the beaches of Saint-Tropez: we will show you which one is better.

Unlike Nice and Cannes, the beaches in Saint-Tropez are covered with sand. As elsewhere, they are paid and free. The cost of visiting the beach includes renting a sunbed (10-15 EUR / day), an umbrella (about 5 EUR) and towels (1-3 EUR). A shower and a bathroom can be used for free.

Having paid the whole day, you can leave the beach and return a little later – your sunbed is guaranteed to be free. This is strictly monitored by staff. Which beaches in Saint-Tropez to prefer – paid or free, each tourist decides for himself.

Villa Chanel
Villa Chanel

Which beach in Saint-Tropez is better?

Plage de Pampelonne. The most famous and longest beach of the city. The coastline is about 5 km long. Here are the most beautiful sunsets, most entertainment clubs (including the famous Le Club 55) and most often celebrities rest.

Plages des Graniers. A small secluded beach located in a bay behind the Tower of Saint-Tropez and the local cemetery. The length of the beach is only 40 m, the cover is sand and pebbles. Nevertheless, there is a small restaurant where you can have a great meal.

Plage de la Bouillabaisse. This beach is a 10-minute walk from Saint-Tropez along the road leading to Saint-Maxim. Here you can not only swim and sunbathe, but also engage in various types of water sports: diving, windsurfing, sailing. There is a lot of space, restaurants and bars work. The beach cover is sand.

Plage des Canebiers. You get to this beach by passing Estonian street to the end. The length of the beach is about 200 m. Here you can swim, admire the beautiful view of the bay dotted with yachts and take pictures next to the Villa Bridget Bardot.

Building facade
Building facade

Saint-Tropez: main areas and tourist places

The map of Saint-Tropez will not impress tourists with the intricacies of streets, alleys, a large number of spacious areas, because the territory of the city occupies only about 15 km2. Most intersections of streets are located closer to the harbor (Cavayon, Rampar, Pesher, Fenier, Gambeta, Francois Sibilli, Fours, Puy streets).

With the distance from the coast, quarters become larger, and narrow streets turn into full-fledged avenues. Many maps of Saint-Tropez in Russian include brief descriptions of the main tourist attractions.

Going to Saint-Tropez, you can take a map of the city with you electronically or buy in local shops.

In which area of ​​Saint-Tropez to stay, most often depends on the availability of rooms in local hotels. All the sights and beaches of the town are within walking distance. You can even walk to the famous Plage de Pampelonne – a walk will take about an hour.

The areas in the center of Saint-Tropez are the streets of Citadel, Portay Nöuf, Fenier, Hambert, Pesher, Petit Saint-Jean, Saint-En, street and Place Ormo, Omal boulevard and neighboring ones. The areas of Saint-Tropez where families with children are best off are the streets of Etienne Burney, Sharon, Tisran and Joseph Karanta, located at some distance from the centers of nightlife. There are no dangerous areas with a high crime rate in Saint-Tropez.

Villas by the sea
Villas by the sea

Holidays with children in Saint-Tropez

Going on vacation with children? We will show you where you can take your child to Saint-Tropez.

Family holidays with children of Saint-Tropez is quite possible. It is easy to find a cozy beach covered with sand with all amenities. However, in the “peak” July and August, it is not worth trying to come here with the kids because of the numerous traffic jams and large crowds. 

The best time to relax with children in Saint-Tropez is September, when housing prices are getting a little lower, the number of tourists is declining, but the sea and air are still warm in summer.

Many hotels are developing special offers for families traveling to Saint-Tropez for families with children: special breakfasts, spacious rooms at discounted prices, small gifts for the youngest guests, babysitting services. In Saint-Tropez, the best vacation with children also involves numerous and informative walks, after which the children simply will not have the strength to indulge.

Where to go in Saint-Tropez: entertainment for families and youth

Adult entertainment in Saint-Tropez: interesting places and nightlife.

The main attractions in Saint-Tropez are connected with the sea. This is yachting, sailing, diving, scuba diving and, of course, beach vacations. Other sports are also popular – golf, polo, tennis, croquet. The schedule of cultural events and holidays that will be celebrated this year can be found on the city website.

The most popular children’s amusement park in Saint-Tropez is Luna Park, which has 22 attractions from April to September. Immerse yourself in the festive atmosphere of the park is absolutely free. Other entertainments for children in Saint-Tropez are related to beach vacations: riding a pedalo and a banana, building sand castles.

The nightlife of Saint-Tropez is concentrated in the coastal areas of the city. Part of the nightclubs of Saint-Tropez is open until the morning, while the rest of the establishments close around 00: 00–01: 00. Adult entertainment in Saint-Tropez is offered by the most popular nightclubs of the city:

  • Café de Paris (15, quai Suffren), on the open terrace or chic red sofas which you can often meet visiting celebrities;
  • dance club L’Esquinade (2, rue du Four), popular not only in the tourist, but also in the local “party”;
  • La Bodega de Papagayo youth club (quai d’Epi, Résidence du Port), which has both a bar and a dance floor;
  • the pretentious cafe-bar Octave Café (place de la Garonne), which tourists who are in search of “something else” like to visit.
Old Town of St. Tropez
Old Town of St. Tropez

Shopping in Saint-Tropez

We will show you what is the best way to bring from Saint-Tropez and where is the best place to shop.

Shopping in Saint-Tropez collects mostly positive reviews. Tourists unanimously agree that any shopping tour in Saint-Tropez should start at the Place des Lices Market in the city center, where you can buy any souvenirs and the freshest local products (wine, cheese, vegetables, fruits, seafood, fish).

On the embankments and promenades of the city there are boutiques of world labels, for example, the famous Italian shoe store Les Tropeziennes (12, avenue General Leclerc). 

Despite the fact that the prices here are an order of magnitude higher than those offered by outlets near Saint-Tropez (the cost of a modest pair of shoes is about 500 EUR), new collections are not stale here. Bridget Bardot’s boutique, located near Place es Lices, is also very popular.

The most famous shopping centers in Saint-Tropez are Maison Blanc Bleu on men’s clothing at Place es Lices and La Chemise Tropézienne shopping center, where you can pick up souvenirs for every taste (23, rue Gambetta).

Periodically, large shopping centers of Saint-Tropez arrange mega-sales, during which original branded items can be purchased for 50-100 EUR. For example, in the last week of October a large sale of clothes and accessories is traditionally held here.

How much does it cost to stay in Saint-Tropez?

In Saint-Tropez there really are many types of entertainment, but how much does it cost to relax in this city?

Holidays in Saint-Tropez, as in other places on the Cote d’Azur, has never been budgetary. 

The most modest weekly stay for two in Saint-Tropez will cost no less than 1500–2000 EUR. This will include accommodation in a 2-3-star hotel, meals in inexpensive restaurants and cafes, bus excursions and modest souvenirs (bracelets, postcards, t-shirts, olive oil).

About bohemian holidays in Saint-Tropez the same reviews: this is a fairy tale. Traveling on a rented yacht (rental price depends on the class of the yacht + fuel costs), private excursions, charter flights, helicopter rides, gourmet food, shopping in fashion boutiques and a visit to the casino – all this can easily be spent 30 000 EUR per week and even more.

During sports and public holidays, holiday prices in Saint-Tropez increase significantly.

Private estates with pool

Weather in Saint-Tropez

When is the best trip to Saint-Tropez? We will tell you the weather conditions in the city and the forecast for the desired dates.

The weather in Saint-Tropez is most often excellent: the number of sunny days per year is about 300. It is always warm here: even in winter the air temperature does not drop below + 10 ° С. The Alps protect the coast in winter from the cold, and in summer from the hot and dry continental air, so the weather in Saint-Tropez for a week is always the most comfortable for the selected season.

Which season is the best to go to Saint-Tropez?

France is the most visited country in the world by tourists, and this is fully felt at the height of the holiday season in Saint-Tropez. Most tourists come to the city in July-August, which is why traffic jams are constantly forming in the vicinity of the city, and the streets are full of people. But the weather of Saint-Tropez for 14 days at this time is guaranteed to be sunny and clear. Is it worth it to go to Saint-Tropez at this time, decide for yourself.

Many tourists prefer to come to Saint-Tropez at the “border” time – in May and September. At this time, the city is not so busy with people and cars. The weather forecast in Saint-Tropez at this time already pleases with an air temperature of + 20–23 ° C, but in May the sea is still cool: the tides do not allow the water to warm enough. But in September, the sea is almost as warm as in summer. Therefore, to write on Facebook “I am going to Saint-Tropez!”, Take a camera and take it on a well-deserved Mediterranean vacation is worth it at this time.


June – transition bridge from a calm Mediterranean spring to a busy summer resort. The sultry July and August are the quintessence of the coastal life of the city. At this time there is a lot of sun, tourists and noise. Air temperature – about +25 ° С, water – about + 23 ° С.


In September, the holiday season is still ongoing. There are not so many tourists as in the “peak” July-August, so September is the perfect time for a relaxing family vacation with children. The second half of autumn is the time when the rain season begins in Saint-Tropez. October and November weather in Saint-Tropez for 3 days is guaranteed to bring short-term rains.


In winter, there is nothing much to do in Saint-Tropez. Due to low demand, housing rental prices are significantly reduced, so for all-inclusive holiday lovers who have enough swimming pools and covered terraces, in December – February there is the most expanse here. At this time, it is rather damp than cold here; there is practically no snow.


The average air temperature in March at the resort is + 12–15 ° С. Water temperature is the same. In May, air warms up to + 20 ° С on average, and water – up to + 17 ° С. Some tourists are already starting to swim, but most sun lovers will come here in mid-summer.

Museum L'Annonciade
Museum L’Annonciade

When is traveling to Saint Tropez cheaper?

The cheapest way to go to Saint-Tropez is in the “low” season, which lasts from October to April. However, doing this is only for sightseeing.

Climate Saint Tropez

Learn all about the climatic conditions, as well as the flora and fauna of this resort.

The “high” tourist season with Saint-Tropez, as in other resort cities with a Mediterranean climate, lasts from May to September. Summer is moderately hot (average July-August temperature is about + 25 ° С). Fans of cool weather and rainy days should plan a trip for October-November: at this time the 5-day weather forecast in Saint-Tropez almost always promises rainfall. The “low” season lasts from October to March. There is practically no snow here in winter – the winter months in Saint-Tropez are more reminiscent of the rainy season.

Luxury yachts in the bay of the city
Luxury yachts in the bay of the city

Vegetation and fauna of Saint-Tropez

The vegetation of Saint-Tropez is quite diverse: the oaks, chestnuts and pines usual for Europeans are adjacent to subtropical eucalyptus trees, palm trees, olives and cypresses. The animal world of Saint-Tropez is not rich: foxes, otters, badgers, hares, squirrels and various rodents (mice, rats) live here. Of the larger animals in St. Tropez you can meet wild boars and deer.

Mediterranean temperature in Saint-Tropez

We will tell you when it is better to go to Saint-Tropez in order to find the most gentle sea.

During the year, the water temperature in the Mediterranean varies slightly: from + 13–14 ° С in winter to + 22–23 ° С in summer. The average water temperature in September is + 22 ° C. Fans of cool water can swim even in May and October, when the temperature in the Mediterranean Sea is set at +17 and + 19 ° C, respectively.

The swimming season opens in June, when the waves of the Mediterranean Sea warm up to an average of + 20 ° C. The ebbs and flows are insignificant, so you can swim all day – from sunrise to sunset.

Luxurious villa in St. Tropez
Luxurious villa in St. Tropez

How to get to Saint-Tropez from airports?

If you plan to travel to Saint-Tropez on your own, explore all the possible routes from the nearest airport to the tourist center of the city.

To get to Saint-Tropez from the airport “La Molle” you can at:

 a car. You can rent a car directly at the airport at Locazur, Europcar, Rent A Car, Sixt, Escapa’Deuche. The road to the city will take 20-30 minutes (excluding traffic jams);

taxi. A 15-minute trip will cost 40-50 EUR. Tel .: + 330-494-54-76-40.

To get to Saint-Tropez from the airport “Nice – Cote d’Azur” you can at:

– the bus. Buses from Nice Airport leave daily on 22 routes. A ticket from the airport to Nice will cost 1.5 EUR. Saint Tropez can be reached by express train for 17–32 EUR;

– train and bus. There is no train station in Saint-Tropez, therefore, leaving Nice by train, you should get off it in San Rafael, proceed to the bus station and buy a bus ticket for VarLib (2 EUR). Buses leave the platform every hour, the duration of the trip is 1.5 hours;

– boat. For 63 EUR, a speedboat will fly tourists along the Cote d’Azur with maximum comfort. The cost of a child ticket is 48 EUR, children under 4 years old can travel for free. In summer, boats run daily, in spring and autumn, in a standard mode, trips are organized weekly, so you need to book seats in advance;

– taxi. Taxi ranks are located near both terminals. A trip to Saint-Tropez will cost 250–280 EUR. If you want to thank the taxi driver, you can leave him “for tea” about 5% of the cost of the trip.

– a yacht. Most often, such a transition is included in the tour (cost – from 800 EUR), during which you can visit several cities. A direct trip from Nice to Saint-Tropez takes 1.5 hours. The cost of the trip depends on the class of the yacht and the route chosen by the tourist;

– helicopter. “Helicopter taxi” is a mode of transport quite popular on the Cote d’Azur. The cost of a flight from Nice to Saint-Tropez will be 840 EUR for two travelers and 1150 EUR for five. Arrange for a flight and pay for it in advance (by phone or online).

Where to stay: Saint-Tropez hotels, reviews

Not sure where to live in Saint-Tropez? We have prepared an overview of the best hotels in the city of different classes.

St. Tropez hotels, especially in the city center, must be booked at least 2-3 months before the intended trip. The best hotels of Saint-Tropez are ready to provide guests with automatic climate control systems, outdoor and indoor pools, spacious terraces, SPA salons, sports grounds for tennis, polo or golf. Babysitting, concierge, dry cleaning, laundry services, paid airport transfers are provided.

Breakfast is usually not included in the room rate, however it can be paid separately. Most of all, tourists liked the 5-star hotels Hôtel de Paris Saint-Tropez (1 traverse de la Gendarmerie), Pan Dei Palais (52 Rue Gambetta, 83990) and Château de la Messardière (Route De Tahiti, 83990). Vacationers will have to use public parking, the cost of which is 35 EUR / day.

Close to the sea, the hotels of Saint-Tropez “work out” their 4 stars for all 100: they serve breakfast in the room (though you have to pay it separately), offer a variety of services and entertainment (pool, sports grounds, bars, free Wi-Fi) .

If the 4-star Saint Tropez hotels have private parking, cars can be parked on them for free. Otherwise, tourists have to use public parking at a cost of 16 EUR / day. From year to year, the Benkiraϊ Hotel (11, Chemin du Pinet, 83990), Hotel Villa Cozy (Chemin De La Belle Isnarde, 83990) and Le Mouillage (79 avenue du Général Leclerc, 83990) receive excellent characteristics from guests.

The 3-star hotels in Saint-Tropez offer their guests exquisite interiors, all the necessary amenities, friendly staff and additional services. Parking can be free (in private parking lots owned by hotels) or paid – in public parking lots. The best reviews in this category were collected by the hotels La Bastide Du Port (Port du Pilon av General Leclerc, 83990) and Hôtel Playa (99 Rue du Général Allard, 83990).

Hotel staff (maids, corridors, porters) will not give up tips. The amount of “gratitude” depends on the quality of the service and the client’s desire to thank for it. Housekeepers can leave 2-3 EUR, wardrobes – 1 EUR per item. In a restaurant or bar, you can simply not pick up change.

Fashionable boutiques
Fashionable boutiques

How much does St Tropez cost?

When considering a trip to Saint-Tropez, it is better to know in advance the rates at local hotels. We made a gradation of the cost of rooms in hotels of different classes.

For accommodation in Saint-Tropez prices are as high as on the entire Cote d’Azur. For a day spent by two adult tourists in a double room, you will have to pay:

– 2-star hotel: 75–130 EUR;

– 3-star hotel: 130–210 EUR;

– 4-star hotel: 280-360 EUR;

– 5-star hotel: EUR 460–800.

The best way to reduce the cost of living in Saint-Tropez is to rent a hotel room outside the city. In this case, the room will cost a third cheaper, in addition, breakfast is usually included in this amount. There are no hostels in Saint-Tropez. It is possible to stay in Saint-Tropez inexpensively (for 40–70 EUR / day) on the campsites, where all the necessary conditions are provided, but the atmosphere is very simple. In addition, you will often have to contact your neighbors.

Attractions in Saint Tropez

Places to visit if you are coming to Saint-Tropez for the first time.

A map of Saint-Tropez with landmarks mainly includes beaches. The description of the sights of Saint-Tropez usually includes the legendary embankments of the city, as well as the streets where famous films were filmed.

The historical landmark of Saint-Tropez, a photo of which often appears in tourist booklets, is the fortress of Saint-Tropez (Citadel) with the most “good” history among all French fortifications, so its visit will not overshadow any tourist route along Saint-Tropez.

To protect the city, the Citadel was practically not used, and in the XIX century shops began to open on its territory. This trend has continued to this day. In addition, the Museum of the Navy is constantly working in the Citadel and concerts are often organized.

To enjoy the romance, a visit to Saint-Tropez should include a visit to La Place des Lices. 

Here you can relax perfectly under centuries-old plane trees, listen to the performances of various ensembles and continue your walking route along Saint-Tropez towards the old houses of the former fishing quarter of Quartier De La Ponche.

Any Saint Tropez sightseeing scheme includes the Butterfly Museum (9 Rue Étienne Berny, 83990, tel .: + 33-494-97-63-45). Here are collected more than 20 thousand butterflies of various species, a colony of ants and a family of live tarantulas. The most daring tourists can hold spiders in their hands, so expressive vocabulary often sounds in this landmark of Saint-Tropez. Entrance ticket costs about 3 EUR.

The name of another famous Saint Tropez landmark is the Annunciation Museum. It is located on Place Grammont and is a real temple of art. The former Catholic chapel of the XVII century housed dozens of paintings by avant-garde artists. The Annunciation Museum is included in almost all travel agencies recommended walking routes along Saint-Tropez.

City view
City view

Excursions in Saint-Tropez

To diversify your stay and get to know the city better, go on a sightseeing tour of Saint-Tropez.

Sightseeing tour of Saint-Tropez takes no more than one day. After exploring Saint-Tropez, you can order a bus tour to neighboring cities: Saint-Maxim with its Gramophone Museum, Cogolan, which produces unique wind instruments and pipes, and Antibes, which contains a large number of amazing architectural monuments.

Hiking in Saint-Tropez

Saint-Tropez can be reached on foot. And it is during the walk that you will best feel the city.

In the scheme of walking routes along Saint-Tropez, you must definitely add a walk along the embankments of Sufran and Jean Jaures. If you have the strength, you should go to the Moth Jean Revey, passing into the Moth d’Estien d’Orv. Walking routes along Saint-Tropez are popular, ending on the prominent far off sea promenade of Geprat and the promenade of Saint-Tropez, on which scenes were shot with the legendary gendarme Kryusho.

National dishes of Saint-Tropez

National dishes that you should definitely try in Saint-Tropez.

In the restaurants of Saint-Tropez you can try unusual dishes that appeared as a result of a mixture of Provencal and Mediterranean cuisines. Provencal cuisine, or “the cuisine of the sun”, provides cooks with many vegetables: olives, zucchini, peppers, tomatoes, eggplant.

Mediterranean cuisine, or the “long-lived cuisine”, brings a lot of seafood, several varieties of lean meat (mainly baked or stewed lamb, chicken, rabbit meat) and a variety of cheeses. 

Reviews of the restaurants of Saint-Tropez testify: they do not forget about spices. Tarragon, thyme, basil, rosemary and other fragrant seasonings are skillfully used in cooking even novice cooks from inexpensive restaurants of Saint-Tropez.

City Bay
City Bay

Where to eat in Saint-Tropez: restaurants and prices

An overview of the best places to visit in Saint-Tropez.

The prices in the restaurants of Saint-Tropez, as well as throughout the Golden Coast, cannot be called low. However, the best restaurants of Saint-Tropez were awarded Michelin stars, and, when they get here, gourmets do not regret a single euro spent.

Fans of gourmet cuisine can safely go to the three-star Michelin-starred restaurant La Vague d’Or (Plage de la bouillabaisse / La Residence de la Pinede, tel .: + 33-4-94-55-91-00). Each dish is not only excellently prepared, but also uniquely decorated: serving it sometimes resembles a whole theatrical performance. Despite the fact that the minimum cost of a meal here is about 200 EUR, you need to book tables in advance.

At Bistro Canaille (28, rue des Remparts, 83990, tel .: + 330-4-94-97-40-96), you can enjoy superb home-cooked meals, and the staff welcomes tourists “like relatives”. The average bill is 50–100 EUR for two people.

In the cafe Saint-Tropez, prices will also not please economical tourists: for one dish you will have to pay 15-25 EUR. You can save a lot during the day, when many establishments offer set meals. In this case, an appetizer, main course and dessert will cost about 30 EUR. The best cafes of Saint-Tropez are remembered by tourists as well as visiting local attractions.

In Saint-Tropez, there are Indian (Gandhi, 3 Quai Epi, tel .: + 334-94-97-71-71) and Moroccan (Salama, 1 rue des tisserands, tel .: + 334-94-97-59-62 ) restaurants.

Typically, tips are already included in the bill, but according to local rules of good tone, you should additionally leave about 5% of the bill. Of course, if you really liked the service.

Roberto Cavalli Caffe
Roberto Cavalli Caffe

24 hour car rental in Saint-Tropez

If you want to feel free on vacation and travel around the area, rent a car.

To arrange a car rental in Saint-Tropez, most often you need to have a driver’s license of international standard. Minimum driver age is 21 years, driving experience is 1 year. Some companies provide rental cars for 18- and 19-year-old drivers, however, in this case, car rental Saint Tropez without a deposit is not possible.

When making a car rental in Saint-Tropez, the rental price includes a breathalyzer (as a rule, it is already in the cabin). The use of “radar detectors” French law prohibits. Its presence entails a large fine, even if the device was not connected.

Parking is also necessary in compliance with all the rules. On some streets, parking is allowed on one side only. It is necessary to carefully monitor the signs of traffic – their location is periodically changed. The cost of parking is different everywhere – from 16 to 35 EUR / day in public parking lots in the city center to free parking spaces outside.

French drivers drive quite aggressively, many maneuvers are performed at the last second, so inexperienced drivers traveling by public transport or ordering a taxi will be safer and cheaper than renting a car in Saint-Tropez. By renting a car you can easily visit neighboring countries – Italy, Spain and Austria. However, many companies prohibit the transport of their cars on ferries.

Car rental in Saint-Tropez is inexpensive if you place an order in advance. The minimum rental period is 24 hours. Even if the car is returned after 10-12 hours, no one will return the difference in cost. If you delay the return of the rented car by less than 12 hours, you will have to pay about 60% of the daily rate, more than 12 hours – pay one more day rental.

If you understand that you do not have time to turn in the car on time, you should warn the company about it, otherwise the car may be put on the wanted list. Cars like Honda Jazz Automatic or a similar class can be borrowed for 40 EUR / day, Skoda Octavia tdi for 70 EUR / day, Toyota Hilux Double Cab for 90 EUR / day, Chrysler Grand Voyager – 110 EUR / day, BMW X5 Automatic or analogue – 520 EUR / day.

Public transport in Saint-Tropez

The cheapest way is to travel by public transport. Find out all about the city’s transport links and ticket prices.

The most common vehicles in Saint-Tropez are yachts. There are hundreds of them! Due to the modest size of the city, inter-city buses and shuttle buses to local hotels serve as ground transportation in Saint-Tropez. Many hotels provide tourists with the opportunity to rent a scooter or bicycle. For Saint-Tropez two-wheeled vehicles, the prices are approximately the following:

– bike rental – 15–25 EUR / day;

– rental of a motor scooter or light motorcycle – 40–45 EUR / day.

Travel tip: When using the inter-city bus service in Saint-Tropez, do not forget to pay the fare. Supervisors work on all lines. In France, these are strong serious guys who are useless to argue with. The fine for stowaways is 40–45 EUR, for a non-composted ticket – about 30 EUR.

Safety in Saint-Tropez: Travel Tips

In order for your vacation to be calm, it is best to familiarize yourself with the safety rules in St. Tropez in advance.

France has a fairly low crime rate, and this is true for Saint-Tropez. Most of all, fear of street thefts and fraud, especially in crowded places. No less carefully you need to monitor the bag and wallet, buying goods in small shops and from trays.

It is best to exchange currency at branches of the state bank Banque de France (and the exchange rate is the most favorable and safe). In emergency situations, you should contact the police in patrol cars. Documents on the streets are usually not checked, but even if this happens, the policeman has no right to take your passport. The fines for disturbing public order and traffic rules are quite high.

In France, you need to be extremely polite: do not forget to say hello, say goodbye and thank every Frenchman with whom you enter into dialogue.