Phuket is an island city. To be more precise, it is the capital of the island province of Thailand. At the same time, it is also one of the few places on earth where a comfortable climate is always! And yet, unlike other places in Thailand itself or, for example, in Vietnam – there is no rainy season. Not at all.

Island with palm trees
Island with palm trees

This island is also called the “pearl of the Andaman coast.” Resting in Phuket with children, of course, is not a cheap pleasure. But literally everyone on this island is responsible for the quality of head and reputation. True, for the sake of justice, we note that for a budget tourist there is a place in the sun. Hotels from the category of “cheap and cheerful” here in large numbers.

And not all of them fall into the category of hostels. You can have a good rest and save money, for example, by ordering a ticket ahead of time. With long-term reservations, hotels offer substantial discounts. So renting a chic room or bungalow on the shores of the Andaman Sea will cost no more than the standard three stars.

Amenities, bedrooms, living rooms, pools, caring and helpful staff – in any hotel you feel like visiting with mom or grandmother. Unless the grandmother in the village has no ocean and air conditioning. The island itself has an atmosphere of comfort and warmth.

Speaking of heat – here all year round +27 – +35 degrees. In order to see these numbers on a thermometer every morning, many are ready to sell their souls to the devil. And here it is the norm. And very nice. Good weather in Phuket is conducive to adventure and travel. And on the island there is something to see and there is where to wander.

There are enough sights on this island, but the main thing is nature. Here you can take walks along endless beaches. I must say, on this sand I want to wander for hours. White, fine sand, more like light powder. It is for this sand and for the crystal clear water of Phuket that tourists from all over the world fell in love.

Even if you are not going to scuba dive in this perfectly clear water, you will still be able to discern the underwater inhabitants. They have long ceased to pay attention to people and swim very close to the shore.

Holidays in Phuket will be an unforgettable adventure that can be remembered on cold winter evenings. So counting the days on the calendar until the next vacation will be more fun.

Palm tree and beach
Palm tree and beach

Nature in Phuket

Exotic countries such as Thailand have long attracted tourists. This is a kingdom of colors and fairy tales. Everyone will find here something only for themselves. Someone like the endless crystal clear sea, sandy beaches and exotic cocktails directly from coconuts.

And someone appreciates Thailand and Phuket in particular for the amazingly beautiful holidays and festivals with their catchy outfits and the atmosphere of eternal fun and joy. 

Connoisseurs of antiquity will appreciate here magnificent palaces and temples, hand-painted many centuries ago, as ancient as the world of the city.

Settling in a foreign country is not so easy, especially if you know little about its culture. We will tell you how not to get lost in this world of bright colors and make your trip to Phuket unforgettable and unique, and also safe. Here you will find a lot of useful information on how to get to Phuket, where it is better to book tickets and hotels.

We will reveal the nuances of Thai culture, which not all guidebooks write about. We will show you how to navigate in difficult situations and how to avoid conflicts. Having planned your vacation with us in Thailand on the island of Phuket, you will not regret the time spent and acquired knowledge.

Geographical position of Phuket

Phuket is a small island in the Andaman Sea. It is surrounded by smaller islands, but no less interesting. Having once visited Phuket, you feel enlightened, as if for several days you have been in paradise. Everything here is somehow unrealistically beautiful, on the island a complete sense of the illusory and fabulous nature of everything that is happening is created.

Almost any place in Phuket can be said to be unique and a miracle of nature. Such miracles in reality are literally everywhere. Rocks, hills, valleys, forests, beaches and underwater colors – all at arm’s length. The island is small and you can get from one end to the other in just a couple of hours. And in order to feel like a mermaid, it is enough to sail very close to the coast on a diving boat or longtail. Scuba diving, you find yourself in a completely different, but no less fabulous world.

Under water, the world seems calm and beautiful. This is what he really is in Phuket. In the warm waters of the Andaman Sea, it is full of the most unusual creatures. All of them resemble exotic birds or butterflies, which can be found in abundance on land. The underwater world of Phuket is so rich and diverse that it even organizes a diving safari.

White sandy beach
White sandy beach

How to get to Phuket.

From Bangkok, the best chance is to get to Phuket quickly. This is, for example, an airplane, bus or train. By plane the fastest – an hour with a small flight and you are there. And this pleasure costs only $ 70.

By bus, traveling to Phuket is cheaper on average two to three times (about $ 25). But at times longer. The road will take 13 – 15 hours. This is even more than a direct flight from Moscow. True, saving money on the face. And if in time you are not very limited, then this option has the right to exist. Buses to Phuket of different classes go from the southern terminal in Bangkok. By the way, traveling by bus takes so much time also because they make stops for 15-20 minutes every 2-3 hours on the way.

The train, which also runs from Bangkok, will not deliver to the island itself, but will bring it quite close to the cherished goal. From Phun Phin Station in Suratthani, a bus runs to Phuket. Drive it another 200 km. It turns out a sort of protracted sightseeing tour of Thailand. But it’s not boring and definitely more impressions than just from the flight.

About the same amount of positive emotions you can get from a trip in a rented car. This method to get to Phuket is the slowest. But if you are traveling in a big and noisy company, and your vacation does not imply calm beach felting in the sand, then it is quite possible that autotravel will suit you the most.

Climate in Phuket and Landscapes

Phuket is a unique place on earth. There is everything for relaxation for every taste and even for any wallet. In general, the name Phuket itself is translated from Thai as “mountain”. It is on the mountain that the island looks like a bird’s eye view. This mountain grows directly from the vast sea depths. The highest place in Phuket – “The peak of the twelve reeds.” Tourists even make wishes here. Of course, if they get there. Dare to do so few.

Due to the hills and plains, lowlands and mountains, Phuket is popular as a resort for families. You can come here with children and they certainly will not be bored here, even if you are going to live not on the seashore. Endless green spaces, as if descended from the pages of children’s books about long journeys, attract and attract.

It is customary to come to Phuket from November to April. But contrary to popular belief, you can relax here in the “off season”. Phuket has passed the fate of Thailand itself, where from May to October the monsoon season begins – prolonged rains. It rains in Phuket mostly only at night. It is worth noting that in the “off season” in Phuket it is even more pleasant to relax, because there is no such influx of tourists.

Similan islands
Similan islands

History of Phuket 

Phuket is an island that is unusual and unique in literally everything. To begin with, no one has ever won it. That is why the inhabitants of this paradise island managed to maintain their culture in its original form, as it was hundreds, thousands of years ago.

It all started in 1025, when Tamila arrived in Phuket, according to the official version. These were the first settlers from India. They came up with the name of the island “Crystal Mountain” – “Tamil Anikram.” After all, it is the “Mountain” that is called the island today.

These first people lived not on the shore, but just high in the mountains. There they were engaged in the cultivation of edible fruits and vegetation. In freshwater reservoirs they fished, and also engaged in the extraction of pearls. It is no coincidence that a pearl farm has been opened in Phuket today. Here, pearls are literally grown under natural conditions.

Another fossil wealth that is still being developed is tin. It was so much on the island that it was simply collected after rains. Local did not even have to build mines. Water easily eroded the rocks and literally threw metal to the surface. True, in the nineteenth century, industrial production of tin was nevertheless established, since conventional gathering was not enough.

Workers from China began to come to the mines that were built in Phuket. They remained here to live after the completion of work. So on the island appeared those 20 thousand people who live on it today. these are mostly descendants of those same workers from the mines.

The island has never really been conquered, but there have been many attempts. And above all, from Burma. She was attracted by tin deposits, and a good location on the world map. But after 1780, attempts ceased, as the last battle ended with the unconditional victory of the Thai army.

From that moment on, the small paradise island entered a period of prosperity and a carefree life. Prosperity subsided in the 20th century, when the metallurgy industry began to decline. Economic difficulties lasted quite a long time, until the 70s of the last century. From that time on, Phuket was literally rediscovered. It turned out that this is an amazing place to relax, moreover, expensive and comfortable.

Rare white tigers
Rare white tigers

Phuket traditions and Holidays

Rest in Phuket is unique in that it is almost year-round. In this paradise you can relax at any time of the year. And most importantly – there is always something to see. In Phuket, as in most places on Earth, different nationalities and religions coexist.

So, on the island, 60% of the population are Buddhists, and 35% are Muslims. Two completely different traditions merged into one and spawned a completely new, unlike anything culture. almost all local festivals and holidays are designed not only for tourists, but also for local residents, regardless of their religion.

First of all, it’s the Chinese New Year. This is the most colorful and bright holiday. In Phuket, it is celebrated, perhaps even brighter and louder than in China itself. In late January – early February (as the lunar calendar will show), for two days the island turns into one large platform for launching fireworks and rockets, an island of bright lights, noisy processions and festivities.

No less colorful celebrate in Phuket and Thai New Year. Here it is called Songkran. It is noted much later than Chinese – in mid-April. This holiday is also called the holiday of water, because on this day it is customary to pour water over each other. So you can cleanse yourself of everything negative and bad that happened in the past year. And go to the New Year updated. This tradition is very popular with tourists. True, not everyone is ready to join her, but to pour someone from a bucket with water is also not averse.

There is another holiday in Phuket, which is sheltered between the New Years. It is celebrated in mid-February and is called a little strange “Old City of Phuket.” The name is more suitable for an excursion program than for a celebration. This day is fully devoted to the history of the island and its inhabitants.

Just excursions on this day and spend, and throughout the island and completely free. And tourists are invited to watch and take part in colorful processions. Only on this day you can freely get into almost any house, especially if it is a historic old building.

Most of the buildings in Phuket were built in the 17th century, on a simple day you won’t look around like that. These houses are of great interest, since later buildings are made in the colonial style. And there are many of these in Europe.

Loud holidays in Phuket are enough without New Year celebrations. So, the island has a wonderful tradition – to hold an annual festival of fireworks. It was borrowed from China, because it was there that they came up with gunpowder, and therefore, fireworks spread all over the world from there. The festival takes place in August.

And this is not just a big salute. Fireworks are launched in a variety of shapes and colors. Bright lights highlight unusual shapes in the sky and describe somersaults, similar to the comet’s tail movement.

On November 1, a relatively new holiday is celebrated on the island – this is the beginning of the tourist season. And, since the tourists themselves really liked this tradition, it not only took root on the island, but also gains a wider scope from year to year. And the first time such a holiday was held in 1985.

Everything was quite modest by modern standards. Today, processions and carnivals, fairs and food festivals are held throughout the island. For those who come to Phuket with children, this festival is simply indispensable. Just for children a large number of programs and events are designed. Even unusual sports are held in original disciplines.

There is another tradition in Phuket – the Loy Kratong festival. It is celebrated in November. This holiday looks something like our Ivan Kupala. Only wreaths are not lowered into the water with candles, but special boats made from banana tree leaves.

These boats do not even have to be done on their own, they are sold at every step. This holiday symbolizes unity with nature and worship of Water. After all, it is the water element in Phuket that is especially revered. And after launching the boats into the water, the sky over Phuket is illuminated by thousands of lanterns made of papyrus paper. Bright and light, they rise into the air with just one burning candle.

Releasing such a bright flashlight in the sky, everyone makes a wish. And if he flies up before the paper lights up, the desire will certainly come true.

Phuket Big Buddha
Phuket Big Buddha

Restaurants in Phuket 

Thai cuisine, however, like any other exotic country, is distinguished by an abundance of spices. Although the composition of the products is quite similar to the European one. 

Literally everything is eaten here: poultry, beef, pork, seafood, vegetables and fruits. And also insects and other bugs. Everything that can be taken as food is eaten. Perhaps that is why they have never heard of hunger on this island.

Thai cuisine is distinguished primarily by the fact that only the freshest products are used here. As a basis, use rice or rice noodles. And already fillers can be chosen to your taste. Nobody will be hungry here.

Even if you consider that all the food cooked in local restaurants is flavored with a lot of burning spices, you can still find something neutral. There are places in Phuket that are specially prepared for Europeans. Here they understand the difference between the request “to make without pepper completely” or “add a little seasoning”.

And also in Phuket it is impossible to stay hungry. Here on every corner are small and large fast-food establishments. All their difference from the usual fast food is that the products here are natural and they are prepared right in front of you, which is called before the eyes of an amazed audience. Lunch in such a street restaurant will cost almost nothing. That is why Thais do not cook at home. They are not accepted. They eat in such local establishments.

For tourists are also entertaining and interesting dining food courts. These are such eateries at supermarkets. Here you can find dishes of any cuisine of the world, including European. This is a suitable option for those who are planning a trip to Phuket on a budgetary basis, that is, they are not going to live in an all-inclusive hotel.

The choice of a place to eat in the evening increases at once. With the onset of darkness, the island turns into a seething stream. The heat subsides and spacious verandas open on the street, furniture from the halls of cafes and restaurants is taken out onto the street. The variety of flavors and cuisines is amazing. The smells on the street are such that you can get enough of them only. But the stomach stubbornly requires food. and his desire is easily satisfied in the nearest restaurant, where a couple of hours ago they brought fresh fish or shrimp.

phi phi islands
phi phi islands

Phuket hotels

The choice of a hotel in Phuket is different. Since this island is associated with an elite vacation, here, first of all, they book rooms in expensive hotels, rent villas or apartments. Hotels are the niche of Phuket’s tourism business that is developing most actively here. There are a huge number of hotels.

There are not only expensive and very expensive, but also quite budget ones, suitable for tourists with different incomes. Most importantly, no matter what hotel you buy the room in, you get comfortable accommodation with air conditioning, which is important in conditions of high humidity.

Room prices in hotels in Phuket, of course, are higher than in other popular resorts. But here the quality is at the level. In the western part of the island, for example, the most popular beaches are located, therefore, the prices for hotels there are slightly higher. But there is a crystal clear sea, fine sand and perfect waves.

Especially popular in recent years is the rental property in Phuket. Here villas, apartments and houses of various types and layouts are for rent. This type of settlement is suitable for those who plan a vacation from one day to several weeks or months. Moreover, you can rent both expensive apartments on the beach, and an inexpensive apartment in the city.

Among the most sought-after rental properties in Phuket are villas by the sea. They are not cheap, but this is the most relaxing holiday on the island. Here you are on your own, the house can be large or very large, with a swimming pool, Jacuzzi and other pleasures.

This type of rental property is suitable for you if you prefer to enjoy your vacation in peace and quiet. Solitude and lack of tourists and generally extra eyes – luxury villas. You can choose the number of bedrooms that you need, distance from the sea and the presence of additional options.

long-tail boats
long-tail boats

The villa can be chosen near large SPA and fitness centers, close to tourist infrastructures or as far as possible from the noise of large beaches.

In general, unlike the hotels of even the largest and most respectable ones in the villa, you are left to your own devices. No need to adhere to any schedule, no need to rush to breakfast, if you suddenly overslept, no need to ensure that the neighbors did not make noise at night.

Renting a villa or other property in Phuket is beneficial for those who travel with children and spend plans for a comfortable vacation. Although the hotel has children’s rooms and other entertainments for young guests, it is still the rental property that is gaining popularity.

Moreover, you can always call a nanny to look after the young children in Phuket. And with this we are also ready to help.

Moreover, if you came to Phuket to work, which is not uncommon, you can give a child to a kindergarten, a school, and a development center. Moreover, the stay of the child in such a center can be both short-term (for a couple of hours), and long-term (several weeks and even months).

For those who can not afford a large detached house, there are options for renting real estate and simpler. For example, simple bungalows sometimes directly with access to the beach or close to it and at a very affordable price.

Yacht charter with or without skipper (bareboat) – an alternative to the hotel

In Phuket, it is possible to book a sea voyage and spend the night at sea in a cabin. Renting a yacht or boat is a unique opportunity to get an unforgettable experience. We offer two rental options: with or without a captain, if you have a skipper certificate. On a yacht you can go to the open sea, or you can drift near the coast.

A multi-day sea cruise is another option for a trip to Phuket. Such sea cruises are a good way to see as many places in Thailand as possible and get to know it better.

Khai islands
Khai islands

Phuket – A Paradise for Extreme Lovers

Due to the mild and very comfortable climate, vacation in Phuket attracts both beach lovers and extreme sports enthusiasts. Divers come here to dive or scuba divers to simply snorkel and snorkel.

The water here is so clean that diving deep is not so necessary, especially if there is no such experience. For tourists who can not imagine their life without diving, in Thailand and in particular in Phuket, diving safaris are offered, during which you can watch from a short distance the inhabitants of the depths.

Majestic stingrays and manta rays, giant whale sharks, huge turtles, schools of a wide variety of fish, barracudas and snakes – all the beauty of the underwater world of the Andaman Sea.

Freshwater Fishing in Phuket

If your element is water, but you are by nature not a contemplator, but a hunter, a great way to spend time is Fishing in Phuket. Karelia and Azov are tired, and is it far and uninteresting to go to Astrakhan? Go to Thailand. Phuket is a place where you can fish as you like, anywhere and whatever. If you prefer freshwater fish, you can go all day to Phuket Fish Park. It is located on Lake Sawai. Here, any beginner will be able to catch the fish of his dreams.

The lake is surrounded by impenetrable jungle, and from amenities for tourists only the most necessary. So the fish just do not know that you are an insidious hunter. In general, almost all places in Phuket have retained their pristine beauty, and this despite the apparent imprisonment for the tourism business.

Island with a beach
Island with a beach

Phuket Sea Fishing

For those who still dream of sea open spaces, Phuket expanse. Our company will help you rent a yacht or boat for fishing in the sea or book a place on a common ship. All ships have all the necessary gear for different types of fishing – trolling, bottom, popping, jig. This fascinating activity will be interesting for both avid fishermen and all family members. The ship goes near the islands, and makes a stop for lunch in a quiet bay where you can swim with masks.

We also offer individual fishing trips on our own speed boat DIVERSAINT, equipped with professional Blue Marlin gear.

Holidays in Phuket

There are many ways to relax in Phuket. There is entertainment for both extreme sports and classic tourists. For those who prefer hiking and excursions, the island has an amazing amusement park “Phuket Fantesea”. In general, after the beaches it is one of the most popular and visited places on the island.

If you came to rest in Phuket with children, then for them in Fantasia Park there will be entertainment to your liking. The most spectacular part of the show itself is the release of more than 40 elephants onto the stage. They, as in a circus, perform the most dizzying tricks. In memory of a visit to this Palace, you can leave a photo riding an elephant or with a small tiger cub.

Beach with crystal clear water
Beach with crystal clear water

Traveling with children

Traveling to Phuket with children requires more thorough preparation. After all, as you know, children are more often sick than adults. And if you do not prepare for possible complications, rest can be hopelessly ruined. It is worth taking care of insurance in advance, including medical insurance. The most profitable and convenient option is Alfastrakhovanie.

 We will help you arrange insurance directly in Phuket, so that in case of an accident or health problem, they will provide you with an ambulance without any monetary loss.

Phuket Medicine

For adults, the Thai Traditional Medicine Pharmacy is very popular. This is without exaggeration the most popular pharmacy in the world. Here are collected medications for all diseases. It is noteworthy that in this pharmacy all the drugs are from folk recipes. They are prepared on the basis of only natural ingredients.

All kinds of herbs, roots, tree bark and so on are used. You don’t have to search for this pharmacy on the city map, wander around the mazes of Thai streets for a long time, since all tourists without exception want to visit this place, we will arrange a transfer from any hotel. It is very convenient.

If you don’t really need to treat anything, you can undergo a preventive examination at some medical center. We can find a good spa hotel or rehabilitation center. It will be definitely a pleasant pastime. Moreover, the quality of medical care in Phuket is no worse than in Europe.

In Phuket, the practice of rehabilitation centers is very widespread. Here they treat, restore, help those who have not been cured by traditional medicinal medicine. Some people specifically come to Phuket for good treatment. There are all the specialists, procedures and most importantly – nature itself contributes to recovery.

If a person needs to stay in peace and quiet, away from annoying factors, get comfortable in the new world, trainings will help. These are usually visited by pregnant women. For mothers of future or already happened, all conditions are created in Phuket.

Yoga classes are held both indoors and outdoors. You can, for example, organize a group or individual lesson on the beach. To the sound of the surf, surrounded by beautiful landscapes, everything is made easier and more enjoyable. In general, relaxing on the beach contributes to pacification, purification.