From almost childhood, we see America almost daily on television, on the Internet, in magazines and newspapers. We were brought up on American films and sometimes it even seemed like we were in New York and could walk through it with our eyes closed. Every third film shows us breathtaking Manhattan bird’s-eye views or the endless beaches of Los Angeles. The American dream … everything is always cool there, everything is always the best there and there are so many people who admire America in absentia and dream of living there, drawing their conclusions only from pictures and films.New York is one of the last cities in the world. New York has everything for every taste. You can find any entertainment, restaurants of any cuisine, shops of everything that in principle can be sold. 

There are streets where there is a distance of 10 meters between one and the other skyscraper and not a single bush and tree for whole blocks ahead, there are small and cozy parks, as well as the chic Central Park, where you can easily get lost, like in the thickest forest, here there are quiet residential quarters with porters at the entrance and no less expensive neighborhoods with lofts in old factories, there are wooden embankments and sandy beaches that are washed by the waters of the Atlantic Ocean (I will not bore the details about the bays), there are areas where Representatives of only one or another nationality live with all the consequences – specific cuisine, institutions, entertainment.

Top of the rock
Top of the rock

In New York you have to live and enjoy life, run, rush, relax, drink coffee, sit in parks, go to museums, smoke on fire escape, marvel at the goodwill of everyone around you, smile just like that and smile back, devote days to shopping, by chance find places that you saw in movies or TV shows, feel the rhythm of the city, every time you find yourself in Times Square, at least once take a taxi around the city at night, visit clubs on the roofs of skyscrapers to make sure once again that such a city is really never sleep, tr y the cuisines of different countries of the world and miss the soups, disappear for hours in bookstores, and even a little disappointed to see the city from the other side and realize that nothing is perfect.

statue of liberty national monument
Statue of Liberty national monument
  • Language: American English.
  • Currency: US Dollar (USD, $)
  • Airports: There are two international airports in New York: International Airport. John F. Kennedy International Airport and Newark Liberty International Airport, as well as several airports with regional connections (as well as flights to Canada): La Guardia Airport, Stewart Airport International Airport), Teterboro Airport.
  • Stations: Central Station (Grand Central Terminal), Pennsylvania Station (Penn Station).
  • Bus stations: long-distance transportation in the USA is carried out by various companies, so bus stops must be specified on the carrier’s website. The largest bus stations in New York, with which most intercity buses depart: The Port Authority Bus Terminal, George Washington Bridge Bus Station, Journal Square Transportation Center in Jersey City.
  • Seaports: Manhattan New York Port Terminal (Manhattan Cruise Terminal), Brooklyn New York Port Terminal (Brooklyn Cruise Terminal).

! The most important thing when planning a trip to New York is not to forget about the adapters, as in the USA other types of sockets with different voltage are used. In the USA, type A and B sockets are used.

! Do not forget that in New York in almost all stores and restaurants prices are indicated without tax, which is 8.875%. That is, if you see that a dish in a restaurant costs $ 15, then taking into account tax it will come out to about $ 16.40. The only exceptions are clothing and shoes cheaper than $ 110 – they are not taxed. Also keep in mind that tax refund is not provided here, i.e. You will not receive Tax Free after shopping in New York.

St. Patrick's cathedral
St. Patrick’s cathedral


New York has fairly warm winters – on average about 0 degrees, as well as hot summers. In July and August, you can find real hell in the city and many do not recommend planning a trip to New York these months. The optimal months are spring – April and May, as well as autumn – September and October, when the city has comfortable and warm weather, but has not yet arrived or the heat has already passed. But these are just superficial tips, because New York is exactly the city that is beautiful at any time of the year. Even on the hottest day you will find many parks and oases where you can relax from the heat, and all the institutions and museums are well-conditioned. 

Therefore, you should not focus on the weather, it is better to pay attention to the poster of the events.After all, where, no matter how in New York you can get to a concert of your favorite star or to a stunning festival? The series of events in the city simply does not stop – various music festivals and film festivals are constantly held here, large-scale events on the occasion of various holidays of other countries (for example, Chinese New Year, St. Januarius or St. Patrick’s Day), parades and marathons, as well as sports events and musicals on Broadway. 

Rockefeller center
Rockefeller center

Therefore, if you are planning a trip to New York, then be sure to check out the events poster, it may be worth shifting the trip for a couple of days to get on an unforgettable holiday! Where can I find the New York poster? Check out TimeOut New York, NYC Official Guide, and New York’s Box Office. Great posters are offered by The New York Times and The Village Voice official sites.


A very important question when planning a trip is: “In which area of New York is it better to stay?” To answer it, we will tell a little bit in general about how New York works. 


New York consists of 5 boroughs: Manhattan itself, the only area on the mainland – the Bronx, located in the west of Long Island – the Brooklyn and Queens districts, as well as located in Queens remoteness of the island and the region of the same name – Staten Island. Each of the areas will offer you a lot of attractions and places to stay, but I would like to tell you about the device of Manhattan, where you will definitely spend more time.

View from Empire state building
View from Empire state building

Manhattan is washed from the west by the waters of the Hudson, and from the east by the East River Strait. If you look at the map of Manhattan, you can see that most of the area is absolutely flat rectangles, which are formed of 12 parallel avenues (avenue) and 220 streets (street). You only need to figure out once how Manhattan works so that you can easily navigate and even without a map – easily find the desired attraction or address.

12 south avenues stretch from south to north along the island (i.e., on the map from bottom to top). Their numbering increases from east to west. Those. 1st Avenue is on the right side, followed by 2nd and so on until 12th Avenue – the most left, which is closest to the Hudson. Perpendicular to the avenue, 220 streets run from east to west (i.e., on the map from right to left), street numbering goes from south to east. Those. 1st street is at the very bottom, next is 2nd and so on up to the central park. Central Avenue is Fifth Avenue, which divides Manhattan into two parts: west (west) and east (east). Accordingly, to all the streets to the right of Fifth Avenue, the prefix “East” or simply “E” is added, and to all the streets to the left – the prefix “West” or simply “W”. If you need W 10th St, then you should look for it in the lower part of Manhattan to the left of Fifth Avenue, and if you need E 51st St, then you should look for it above in the middle of Manhattan to the right of Fifth Avenue .

A few words about the division of Manhattan into districts. Manhattan is conditionally divided into: Lower Manhattan or Downtown – the southern part of the island up to 14 streets, Midtown Manhattan or Midtown – starting from 14th street, where Downtown ends and up to 59th street, where Central Park begins, Upper West Side – part of Manhattan, starting from 59th street and up to 110th street to the left of Central Park, Upper East Side, Upper East Side, part of Manhattan, starting from 59th street and up to 110th street to the right of Central Park, Upper Manhattan (Upper Manhattan) – from 110th street and above to Inwood Park Hill (Inwood Hill Park).

Central Park view at skyscrapers
Central Park view at skyscrapers

These large areas are already divided into smaller ones, you can’t list everything, but you can find them on the map: in Downtown, for example, there are the famous areas of Tribeca (TriBeCa), SoHo, Chinatown, Little Italy (Little Italy) and others. In Midtown you will find Chelsea, the Theater District, Hell’s Kitchen and more.

In which area of New York to stay? In New York, and in Manhattan in particular, housing is very expensive. A double room in a simple hotel in Manhattan will cost you no less than $ 120-150. The cheapest apartments – from $ 200 per night. The cheapest options in Manhattan are in areas that are located above Central Park, for example, in Harlem.

In other areas of New York it will be a little cheaper, for example, in Brooklyn or the Bronx it is really possible to find a double room for $ 80-100. Apartments are also cheaper, the farther from the center – the lower the price. First come the offers of 150 – $ 200, and then begin already for $ 100 per night. If you are traveling with a company (more than 2 people), then renting an apartment in New York is definitely more profitable and much more convenient!

The whole of New York and each of its districts individually is simply huge. It is impossible to recommend a specific area. If you have limited financial resources, then there is nothing to choose from – look for hotels or apartments in remote areas of Brooklyn or Queens. But be prepared to get to the city center, even if you have a metro station within walking distance – you can take an hour or even two.

Bull statue on Wall Street
Bull statue on Wall Street

If you have the opportunity, then definitely you need to stop in Manhattan, only living here – you can truly enjoy this city. Yes, it will be costly, but it will definitely be worth it. Choose any area of Downtown or Midtown – you will guess in any case (unless we recommend Chinatown – the smells are too noisy and the smells are true, though the prices are a bit, but cheaper). There are no bad or uninteresting areas, everywhere is amazing!


Hudson River Embankment

The starting point is 25 pier (pire 25). A walk along the promenade is worthy of attention, if only because it offers a wonderful view of Manhattan and the city of Jersey, spread out on the opposite bank.

World Financial Center

This glass-metal giant, to be honest, is amazing. It is very interesting to look at the haven of American financial movers, for example, such as American Express.

By the way, everything is very democratic here: there is an opportunity to visit the VFC winter garden absolutely unhindered (in winter it is very helpful because it is warm and comfortable there, even palm trees grow).

Central Park
Central Park

World Trade Center

The famous WTC, which in 2001 suffered a sad fate. It was destroyed in a terrorist attack. On September 11, New York lost its two tallest skyscrapers – the Twin Towers. In 2002, the construction of a new complex began. Now the most visible and famous is the Freedom Tower, recently completed.

Ground Zero

The events of September 11, 2001 are dedicated to the Ground Zero complex, which includes the National Memorial (Memorial 9/11) and the Museum on September 11.

A memorial is two pools on the site of the Twin Towers. They are two huge pits of black color, along the edges of which water flows. Plates along the perimeter of the pools listing the names of the dead. In general, the atmosphere is a little depressing.

Brooklyn bridge
Brooklyn bridge

You can also look at the “Survivor Tree” (SurvivorTree), which survived all the bad weather.

Entrance to the complex is free, but offerings are welcome (the recommended amount of the donation is $ 5-10). At the entrance, all things are checked and forced to go through the metal detector.

After examining the trade and financial centers, I propose to take the subway and get to Union Square, from where to go wandering around Broadway.


The legendary Broadway, passing through almost all of Manhattan. It is very convenient to use as a supporting thread on which sights are strung. That is, going left and right, you still have to return to Broadway. There are really a lot of attractions along it, some of them are more significant, some are less, I will announce the whole list.


Located on a building near Union Square. As conceived by the author, it is a symbol of the frenzied rhythm of the city, life in which does not stop even for a second. On the watch you can see how much time is now and how much is left until the end of the day. At certain times, this structure also emits steam. In general, an interesting idea.

Iron Building (Flatiron Building)

Famous and beloved by tourists, a building resembling an iron in shape. His trick is that if you look at it from a certain angle, it seems completely flat and thin.

Madison Square Park

There are not a few parks, squares and public gardens in New York, I will not describe them all, I simply indicate that they are. You can look into each, you can skip everything or look selectively.

Herald Square

Quite miniature, but you can’t miss it, it lies right on the way. It seemed to me that the Americans like to dine here, because there are conditions: tables, chairs, everything is as it should be.

Shopping centers

If you are interested in shopping centers in New York, the doors for Manhattan Mall (on 32nd Street) and Macy’s (on 34th Street) are open for you.

Characters of Marvel movies in Times Square
Characters of Marvel movies in Times Square

Macy’s is one of the oldest and largest shopping centers in the USA. Flaunts in place already since 1902. This is at least why it is interesting to look into it. Seven floors of all sorts of things – a real paradise for shopaholics.

Pennsylvania Station or Penn Station

It’s just a train station, but anyone who is curious can drop in, see what Americans are driving from Manhattan to the suburbs. Penn Station is considered one of the busiest train stations in the world. Although a huge number of people use it, the architects did not work hard on the beauty and grace.

It is located between the 31st and 33rd streets (in general, all the attractions are marked on the map, which can be found at the end of the article).

New York Post (US Post Office)

Very close to the station, a New York post was attached. It also does not constitute anything too remarkable, but tourists drop in, because it seems that everything in America is not like anywhere.New York Post (US Post Office)

Very close to the station, a New York post was attached. It also does not constitute anything too remarkable, but tourists drop in, because it seems that everything in America is not like ours.

Madame Tussauds New York Museum

I think this wax museum does not need advertising, everyone knows about it. Here you will find the most famous stars from Merlin Monroe to Lady Gaga.

I must say right away that I did not go to him, so I can’t share my first-hand impressions. I think the sight is very entertaining, but still an amateur (I do not belong to those).

Address: 234 West 42nd Street (between 7th / 8th Avenues)

Entrance fee (without NewYorkPass): for adults – $ 39, for children – $ 29.

Opening hours: Sun, Mon, Tue, Wed, Th from 10:00 to 20:00, Fri, Sat from 10:00 to 22:00.

American Museum of natural history
American Museum of natural history

New York Public Library

On the other side of Broadway, too, scattered a lot of interesting things. For example, the New York Public Library. Usually our libraries are associated with something boring and not too beautiful, where you can only walk on tiptoe and talk in a whisper. In this library, it is also not customary to raise your voice, but I can say one thing – it is gorgeous, especially the reading room. It is not for nothing that this library is one of the most famous in the world.

Grand Central Terminal

One of the buildings that constantly flashes in films where someone escorts someone or meets. I think it’s not worth skipping it, because the station is impressive.

Chrysler Building

At one time, the Chrysler Building was the tallest building in New York until this title passed to the Empire State Building.

Its main distinguishing feature is a bump ending with a spire. By the way, this bump looks very beautiful just with the ESB in the dark.

Times Square

And again Broadway brought us to the Crossroads of the Worlds, only this time in the afternoon. In the daytime, at dusk and at night, Times Square looks completely different.

Saint Patrick’s Cathedral

Huge and beautiful, both outside and inside, St. Patrick’s Cathedral will give you the desired minutes of relaxation. What the charm of the churches is that you can sit and breathe in them calmly.

By the way, this is the largest Catholic church in the United States, built in the neo-Gothic style.

Museum of Modern Art (Museum of Modern Art or MoMA)

If you still have the strength and desire, you can go to the Museum of Modern Art. Its name speaks for itself: within the walls of the museum you will find works by contemporary authors in a wide variety of techniques and on various topics. If you are a fan of amateur installations with a hidden meaning, the works of Picasso, Monet, Matisse, Van Gogh and Warhol, you are definitely here.

Warner bros. studio
Warner bros. studio

The museum has six floors, but it is not very large, if you hurry, then in a couple of hours you can quickly examine everything.

Address: 11 West 53rd St.

How to get there by subway: train E or M to 5th Ave./53rd St., train B, D or F to 47th-50th streets / Rockefeller Center.

Entrance fee (without CityPass): for adults –25 $, for children and adolescents under 16 years old – free of charge (accompanied by adults).

Opening hours: Saturday-Thursday from 10:30 to 17:30, Friday from 10:30 to 20:00.

Notes: on Friday from 16:00 to 20:00 admission is free, so there can be huge crowds of visitors. From Monday to Thursday after 15:30 there are fewer people in the museum.

Columbus Circle

Columbus Circle is one of the most famous squares in Manhattan, we can say that this is New York’s zero kilometer. I think at this point another interesting day can be considered completed.


There is absolutely nothing to tell about American cuisine, but in New York you will not go hungry, because this city is the concentration of various cuisines of the whole world. This is New York – here you will find everything you can wish for. The districts themselves will help to orient themselves a little: if you are in Little Italy, you can taste excellent Italian cuisine, and in Chinatown, respectively, Chinese. For the rest, be guided by your wishes – it is very difficult to recommend any specific establishments, since the city is huge and there are really thousands of establishments here.

Time Square at night
Time Square at night

But it is worth noting that if gastronomic discoveries are an important part of the trip for you, then a restaurant guide for the New York establishments – Zagat New York – is issued especially for such gourmets. This is such a thick book, constantly updated, in which the best restaurants of the city are described in detail. There is also an official website and application to help you find what you are looking for.

Also popular in New York is Yelp, which has a lot of reviews and information to help you plan your lunch or dinner.

Do not forget that in establishments the prices for dishes can be indicated without tax, as in all stores. The tax is 8.875%. And also in New York, it is customary to leave for tea, with about 15-20%. If you came to a restaurant with a large company, then tips can immediately be included in the bill. The tip culture is so developed here that it is always and everywhere left to tip: in a restaurant, in a taxi, even if you just went to the bar to buy a glass of beer – at least $ 1, but leaving the bartender would be right.


International Airport John F. Kennedy International Airport –

Newark Liberty International Airport –

The official website of New York’s public transport –

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