Where is Milan

Basic information about Milan: the present and the past.

The city is located in northern Italy and is part of the northwestern region of the state along with Liguria, Valle d’Aosta and Piedmont – the administrative centers of neighboring provinces.

The capital of Lombardy is located in the west of the Padan Plain. It is washed by the Ticino and Adda rivers, flowing into the largest Italian river Po. 150 kilometers from the northern part of the city runs the border of Italy and Switzerland.

Milan is the second largest industrial center of the country after Rome and the largest financial and economic center of Europe. The population of Milan is 1.3 million people.

The exact date of the founding of the city is not known. Scientists believe that Milan was founded by the ancient Celts in about 400-600. BC, and later captured by the Romans, who gave it the name – Mediolanus.

At all times, Milan was one of the main cities in the region, was the capital of the Western Roman Empire, the Italian Republic, the Lombardo-Venetian Kingdom. During the Second World War, it was severely destroyed, but later completely restored. Today, Milan is still considered the most important industrial center of Europe.

Basilica San Lorenzo Maggiore
Basilica San Lorenzo Maggiore

How much does a vacation in Milan cost?

Milan is a very expensive city, so plan your expenses in advance.

As we mentioned above, rest in Milan is one of the most expensive in Europe. More expensive than in Paris and London. A cup of instant coffee with a regular bun costs about 15 EUR. There is no concept of “very cheap.” There is only “expensive” and “incredibly expensive”.

Vacation for two in Milan is a journey that can safely be classified as a VIP class. If you still want to save some money, follow a few rules:

– Book your place in one-star hotels. The best option – hotels near the Central Station. From here it is easy to get to anywhere in the city by metro or bus. The level of comfort in these hotels is very decent. A double room with one bed will cost approximately 50 EUR per day.

– Get around on public transport by buying a travel card. Ordering a taxi will increase the price of a vacation in Milan by at least 100 EUR per day.

– Dine in restaurants with happy hours.

– Look for reviews about holidays in Milan on travel forums. Experienced travelers will definitely tell you where, what and how much.

residential areas of the city
residential areas of the city

Sights of Milan

These interesting places must be seen when you first come to Milan.

Brand shopping city tour can be successfully combined with an acquaintance with the cultural pizzerias or the heritage of Europe. The most rated places that you will find on any map of Milan with attractions, their names and descriptions in Russian are:

Duomo Cathedral. It rises majestically above the main city square. This is the second largest Catholic cathedral in the world, made in the Gothic style. Its construction took seven whole centuries.

A photo on the background of this attraction of Milan should adorn the album of every tourist. According to legends, it is in the Duomo that one of the nails from the cross on which Jesus Christ was crucified is stored. The relic is in a glass flask under the dome of the cathedral.

Gallery of Victor Emanuel II. This is the oldest passage in the world. It is built in the shape of a Latin cross converging into an octagon, with a glass dome in the center. The gallery is decorated with panels, mosaics and statues. Today it houses the world’s most expensive boutiques, a restaurant and a seven-star hotel.

Theater “La Scala”. Connoisseurs of classical music from all over the world come to La Scala to enjoy the voices of the best opera singers in an atmosphere saturated with exquisite aristocracy. Concert tickets need to be ordered in a few months.

Church of Santa — Maria — delle — Grazie. The scheme of Milan with sights will definitely lead you to the abode of God on Corso Magenta. Here is a real treasure – the famous fresco of Leonardo da Vinci “The Last Supper”. Sightseeing time is strictly limited: you can be in the church for no more than 15 minutes. You need to book tickets for the tour for 2 months.

Museum of Science and Technology Leonardo da Vinci. Dozens of exhibition pavilions and outdoor exhibits acquaint visitors with the most significant inventions of the twentieth century humanity: airplanes, ships, trains. A special place is occupied by the exhibition of inventions of the ingenious Leonardo.

The historical center is filled with the spirit of the majestic Middle Ages. And the most beautiful photos of Milan are obtained from the roof of the Duomo. From here you can take a photo of all the streets of Milan included in the Golden Quadrangle.

Photos of night Milan shine with the lights of street lamps and spotlights. This is an indescribably beautiful sight! Be sure to take a photo of Milan at night in the Duomo Square. The Gothic temple in the rays of illumination is simply magnificent!

Navigli district
Navigli district

Milan hiking trails

All hiking trails in Milan are “concentrated” around the Golden Quadrangle.

This is a quarter that unites several central streets, the main of which is Montenapoleone.

Locals jokingly compare their “quadrangle” with the Bermuda Triangle. “In this damned place, all your money is lost!” – the Italians complain. And all because there are boutiques of the most famous fashion houses here – Gucci, Versace, Dior, Valentino, Prada, Armani and many others. And these shops work from early morning until late evening daily without interruption.

An interesting route for a walk in Milan will be visiting the most prestigious street of the city – Corso Magenta, where only the rich and famous live. From there you can go to the church of Santa Maria della Grazie, turn onto Mascheroni street, take a break in the beautiful Sempione park and go out to the Arch of Peace.

You can start the walking route in Milan from Buonarotti Square. Here you will see the grave of the famous composer Giuseppe Verdi, the house where he lived the last years of his life, and his huge graffiti portrait, painted directly on the wall of one of the buildings.

Cathedral in Milan
Cathedral in Milan

Map of the city, main areas and tourist places

Before traveling to the fashion capital, it will not be amiss to find on the Internet a satellite interactive map of Milan with hotels and see what exactly is in your area. Here you will find links to official sites of attractions, shopping centers and restaurants.

The favorite place for tourists is the so-called Fashion Quarter, where the density of shops per square meter exceeds all conceivable and unimaginable limits.

Inveterate shopaholics can not do without a map of Milan with addresses, assortment and opening hours of boutiques. It can be purchased at underpasses and newsstands.

Conventionally, the entire city can be divided into two parts: the center and the “sleeping” zones. In which area of ​​Milan does a tourist stay? It all depends on your financial capabilities. In the districts in the center of Milan there are fashionable five-star hotels, expensive restaurants and fashion boutiques.

In addition to the center, Corso Venice, Magenta and Vercelli are considered prestigious areas. Milan’s best-budget neighborhoods include Corvetto, Loreto, Vittoria, and Citta Studi. 

Economy-class housing can always be rented in Corso Buenos Aires, but this is one of the dangerous areas of Milan, where mostly poor migrants live.

Sforzesco Castle
Sforzesco Castle

Weather in Milan

The weather in Milan is familiar to Russian and Ukrainian tourists. It’s hot in summer, and cold in winter.

A humid subtropical climate often presents “surprises”, so before you fly, do not forget to see the weather forecast for Milan for a week.

In spring, the city is warm and sunny. The average air temperature is + 17 ° C. It rains rarely, mostly in May. If your trip falls exactly on this month, do not be too lazy to find out about the weather in Milan for 3-5 days. You may have to grab an umbrella and a raincoat.

It is unbearably hot in summer due to high humidity. The air temperature in the shade is + 27 ° C. August is famous for strong thunderstorms. But sunny days still prevail.

The heat subsides a little in the first month of autumn. And already in November, the temperature drops to + 12 ° C. But there is no question of early frosts. Heavy rain pours half of the fall season.

In winter, daytime temperatures range from +5 to + 8 ° C. Below zero, the thermometer mark drops only at night. Weather during this period can change very quickly: sunny days will replace foggy ones, with icy wind and heavy rain. You can prepare for these whims of nature by learning the weather in Milan for 14 days.

Santa Maria Delle Gracie
Santa Maria Delle Gracie

When is the best time to go to Milan?

The tourist seasons in Milan are completely weather independent. They are dictated by fashion, shopping and opera.

Fashion season in Milan

Four times a year, all the fashionistas of the world flock to Milan to attend one of the grandiose events in the world of the fashion industry – Fashion Week, where the most famous designers present new collections. In February and September, female lines, and in January and June, male lines. Therefore, the enthusiastic status of “I’m going to Milan!” appears in the social networks dude precisely during these periods.

Sales in Milan

In the middle of summer and after Christmas, the influx of shopaholics into the city is simply enormous. And all because branded boutiques make discounts up to 70% on all collections. Wondering when to go to Milan is cheaper? It is during this period!

Pinacoteca di Brera
Pinacoteca di Brera

Theater season in Milan

Should I go to Milan at the beginning of winter? By all means, if you are a fan of opera. Indeed, on December 7, the famous La Scala theater opens the concert season.

Milan Airport

All the necessary information about Milan airports.

All international flights land at Malpensa (Milan’s official website). There are two more airports in the city – Linate and Orio al Serio, but they are used for local and low-cost transportation.

Malpensa Airport is located in Varese, 45 km from the center of Milan. This is one of Italy’s busiest airports. Its passenger traffic is about 24 million people a year. In addition, Malpensa is the largest cargo airport in the country.

Regular flights are served by terminal 1, zone B. The location of all the necessary facilities – cash desks, exchangers, shops – can be viewed on the Milan airport diagrams at the inputs and outputs.

Pinacoteca di Brera .
Pinacoteca di Brera .

How to get to Milan from the Malpensa

If you are traveling on your own, you will probably need to get directions from the airport to the tourist center.

There are three ways to get to the city from the airport:

The fastest budget option is the train. Travel to Malpensa Express costs EUR 7 to Milano Centrale Station and EUR 11 to Milano Cadorna Station. The journey will take about 40 minutes.

You can choose a bus. He will take you to Milan in an hour. Ticket price – 4 EUR. Both buses and trains depart from terminal 1.

And finally, for those who do not consider money and appreciate comfort, a taxi is the best option. The trip will cost you about 80 EUR.

Monumental Cemetery
Monumental Cemetery

Milan Hotels

Milan’s best hotels: prices, reviews and location.

The best hotels in Milan are located in the cultural and historical center of the city. The most famous Milan hotels in the center are Armani Hotel and Principe Di Savoja. It is here that actors, fashion designers, singers and other celebrities live.

For those who do not claim to be a “star” level, but appreciate the increased comfort, excellent 4 star hotels in Milan are suitable. They are much cheaper than their five-star “colleagues”, but the service here is also up to par. Such hotels can be found both in the center, near metro stations, and in more remote areas – Isola, Brera, Citta Studi. This is Crowne Plaza, Berna, Sanpi, Terminal.

The best price / quality ratio for the average tourist is offered by 3 star hotels in Milan. Inexpensive hotels are concentrated in the Central Station and in industrial areas. Here, of course, you won’t get the limo to the entrance, but they will offer you a delicious lunch at the buffet and cozy rooms with Internet, TV, private bathrooms and other amenities.

If you cannot afford Milan hotels, stay at campsites. Here you can settle in with your own tent or rent a motorhome. At your disposal – a shared shower, toilet, kitchen and laundry.

La Scala Opera House
La Scala Opera House

How much is accommodation in Milan?

This city has repeatedly led the ranking of the most expensive in Europe.

The cost of living in Milan breaks all records. Five-star hotels will request from 500 to 1500 EUR per day. 4 and 3 star hotels are slightly cheaper – 150-400 EUR. But keep in mind: prices for accommodation in Milan for High Fashion Week soar at least twice.

If you wish, you can rent an apartment in one of the sleeping areas. One-room apartment renovated will cost 40 EUR. A room in the homes of ordinary locals costs about 20 EUR per day.

The cheapest accommodation in Milan is a camping tent for 10 EUR.

Traditional Milan cuisine

Italian gastronomy is rich and diverse. Everyone knows her lightness and satiety at the same time. Because gastronomic tours in Milan are extremely popular.

It is impossible to visit Italy and not try the famous pasta, lasagna, risotto, rich rich soups, flavored cheeses and amazingly delicious ice cream.

The most famous dishes of Milanese cuisine: risotto alla milanese (risotto giallo), Milanese risotto (yellow risotto), which owes its color to saffron, and ossobuco (beef drumstick with brain bone), which can be served together, as a single dish, on request in a restaurant.

Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II
Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II

Where to eat in Milan. Restaurants in Milan

The best restaurants in Milan, first of all, will delight you with national Italian cuisine.

One of the main gourmet residences is the Savini gourmet restaurant. It is located in the famous Vittorio Emanuele II Gallery. The main “highlight” of this place is the classic interior of the 19th century.

Marchesino also belongs to the pathos restaurants of Milan. The famous chef works here, who was the first in the world to receive three Michelin stars. You will be surprised not only by the amazing taste of dishes, but also by the menu. After all, they will bring not paper sheets or folders, but an iPad!

Favorite restaurant of the Italian elite – politicians, businessmen and couturiers – Bice. 

Guests are treated to white truffles, saffron risotto, meringue with chocolate sauce and, of course, the best Tuscan wines. This Milan restaurant never gets negative reviews.

The prices in the restaurants of Milan located in the center are simply fabulous. Get ready to pay at least 200 EUR per person for lunch or dinner. Inexpensive restaurants in Milan should be sought in remote areas (as elsewhere). And right in the center you can economically eat delicious cakes in a Luini patty – with cheese, seafood, pork, herbs or jam. Price – 2-3 EUR.

The most pleasant prices in the cafe in Milan are during the so-called happy hours. You pay 8-10 EUR for entry and take as much food as you like from the buffet.

For sweet tooth, we recommend a look at Milan’s best ice cream parlor Emporio Chocolat. It is located near the Cadorna metro station. As a gift for each order – chocolate candy.

Ferrari store
Ferrari store

Holidays with children in Milan

Milan will not really please the little one, but there are still a couple of places where you can go with the whole family.

Unfortunately, it is very difficult to plan a vacation with children in Milan. There are few places where the child would have fun and interesting. The capital of world fashion is a place for shopping, not Disneyland.

So that you do not puzzle over where to go for a walk with your child, we present to your attention a list of places where your child will definitely not get bored! Set off:

– to a master class on types of perception, or a children’s performance at the Leonardo da Vinci Museum;

– to the Milan Planetarium (entrance 1.5–3 EUR);

– to the Museum of Natural History for an exciting excursion about dinosaurs (ticket price – 10 EUR);

– into the game room of the Aviation Museum with flight simulators, Lego platforms and trampoline-airplanes (entrance – 4–8 EUR).

If the children are completely bored, go to the square in front of the Duomo Cathedral and feed almost tame pigeons. Food can be purchased on site. It costs 1.5 EUR. You can visit the Children’s Toy Museum. His collection contains dolls, toy soldiers, teddy bears, railways and other values ​​of the children of the 18th – 20th centuries.

There are no amusement parks in Milan. But in the vicinity there are several interesting options. Among them – the Gardaland park with forty dizzying rides and the Pombia safari park with lions, giraffes, rhinos and zebras.

City view
City view

Shopping in Milan

Milan is a place of pilgrimage for all shopaholics, because it is not for nothing that this city is the world capital of fashion.

Almost all the reviews about shopping in Milan are enthusiastic stories of fashion designers who managed to get on sale of branded collections. They are held twice a year: from mid-July to the end of summer and from December 25 to February. Here you can purchase branded items from last season.

A shopping tour in Milan should begin with a visit to the Golden Quadrangle, where all the famous boutiques are located – Armani, Versace, Dolce Gabbana, Fendi, Dior, Cavalli, etc. 

But get ready to spend a considerable amount. A fashion accessory – gloves or a hat – costs from 1000 EUR.

Brand clothes and shoes can also be found in the large shopping centers of Milan. The most famous of them are Fiera Milano and La Rinascente. For thrift shopping, head to Upim Department Store. It is here that shopping in Milan, judging by the reviews of tourists, takes place without a serious blow to the budget. For example, a branded men’s jacket from Versace in a department store costs 150 EUR. All shopping centers in Milan have a developed infrastructure and convenient access.

Want to buy as many branded items as possible, but spend less? Then you will find outlets in Milan! They collected things from last year’s collections, clothes and shoes that remained in the same size or color, and prototypes. Prices – at least two to three times lower than in boutiques. The largest outlet in Europe Serravalle Scrivia is located near Milan – 108 km from the city. Its area is 32,000 m2.

For beautiful fakes, which at first glance cannot be distinguished from the original, go to the regular market. If you want to purchase something more or less high-quality, watch where local things buy.

Duomo di Milano
Duomo di Milano

Adult Activities in Milan

Places in Milan where you want to spend the evening, or even the whole night.

Fans have fun and hang out until the morning we recommend visiting several interesting places:

La Rumba water disco with live music and an outdoor pool. Admission is 6 EUR on weekdays and 10 EUR on weekends.

One of Milan’s most pathos nightclubs is Just Cavalli, which is hosted by the fashion designer himself. Here you can relax and dine. Table reservation with a bottle of wine as a gift – 150 EUR.

The center of nightlife in Milan is the Old Fashion Club. It occupies the territory of one of the ancient palaces, specially reconstructed as a fashion institution. The show program starts at 00:00. Entrance before midnight – 10 EUR.

Great Alcatraz Club, accommodating more than two thousand people. The program is the most diverse, starting from the disco of the 80s and ending with electric parties. Entrance fee is 7-12 EUR.

Bosco Verticale
Bosco Verticale

Car rental in Milan

Want to ride around Milan? Italy really has something to see. But for this it is better to rent a car.

For tourists with an unlimited budget, the best option for free movement around the city is a car rental in Milan. You can choose a car to your taste even before arriving in Italy – through the websites of companies that provide this service. Fill out the online form and find the cheapest car rental in Milan by comparing the cost of cars in various companies.

The price of a car rental in Milan depends on the class of the vehicle. Economy class cars (Fiat Panda, Peugeot 208, Volkswagen Polo) will cost from 100 EUR per day. The cheapest car rental in Milan is the rental of mini cars – Smart Fortwo, Citroen C1, Fiat 500.

Luxury Ferrari and Aston Martin – executive cars – will cost you 1,500 EUR per day (with driver).

If you did not manage to book a car at home, do not worry. A 24-hour car rental without collateral in Milan operates at Malpensa Airport.

Arco della Pace
Arco della Pace

Public transport in Milan

Milan’s public transport includes metro, train, trams, trolleybuses and buses.

Tickets can be purchased at underpasses, tobacco shops, or newsstands. Please note that they need to be composted not in transport, but at a stop through special turnstiles.

Prices for transport in Milan:

– A one-time ticket for any type of transport costs 1.5 EUR. It has been valid for an hour and a half from the moment you pierced it.

– An evening ticket for 3 EUR is valid from 20:00 until the end of the transport.

– A daily pass for 24 hours costs 4.5 EUR, for 48 hours – 8.5 EUR.

Travel advice for transport in Milan: if you still do not know how often you have to use the metro or trams, buy a ticket not for the time but for the number of trips (10 trips – 13.8 EUR).

Modern houses of the city
Modern houses of the city

Security in Milan

Milan is a relatively calm city, but extra precautions will still not hurt.

Italy (despite the legends of cult mafiosi clans) has always been characterized by a low crime rate. Tourists should beware only pocket thieves. They trade at stations, at the airport, in public transport.

Fraudsters in Milan often work in pairs: one is distracting and the other is emptying pockets or a purse at this time. The most disadvantaged areas of the city are industrial zones.