Nevada, USA. Las Vegas: about the city, transport, what to see and what to do

The Las Vegas Strip
The Las Vegas Strip

Who among us has not heard of Vegas and would not like to visit this city that never sleeps, at least once? The world capital of the gambling business, a city of weddings, noise and fun, deservedly called the Sin City. Here you can smoke in the casino, and calmly walk along the streets, drinking alcoholic cocktails. Clubs and bars work almost 24 hours a day, which is not typical for the United States.

The name “Las Vegas” in Spanish means “fertile valleys”. Once upon a time in this territory, lost travelers found a source of water. And soon the city literally grew out of the desert, emerging from nowhere, and turned into a world-class tourist capital. It all started on Fremont Street, where wealthy mafiosi decided to build a casino. The local mafia completely controlled the first gambling establishments, but eventually went down in history. The city grew, the Strip and its many hotels appeared. Vegas is still one of the fastest growing cities in the world.

The main motto of the city is “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas”. Many people come here to play in the casino or just to unwind, to have fun until the morning, to do stupid things and get a good drink … The idea of ​​”why not wave us to Vegas?” visited by up to 40 million tourists a year.

welcome to fabulous Las Vegas sign
welcome to fabulous Las Vegas sign

How to get from the airport to the city:

By bus or delivery shuttle, which picks up 6-10 people before departure. More expensive options – taxi. Their disadvantage is the pre-added $ 3 on the counter, and frequent traffic jams in the city, which increase your account every minute.

Weather in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is located in the desert and has a corresponding climate. Summers are very hot and dry. July is the hottest month, the air temperature rises above 40 ° C. Winter is usually not very frosty. Snow falls very rarely in the city itself, while the peaks of the mountains around are almost always covered with snow. December is the month when the average temperature drops to 14 ° C. It is considered the coldest weather in Las Vegas.

Fremont street
Fremont street

What to see in Las Vegas:

The originality of the city is that it is famous for its hotels. Its heart is Las Vegas Boulevard or the Las Vegas Strip, with its successive casino hotels, each with its own distinctive style, attracting the largest number of tourists. Walking only one street, you can simultaneously visit Paris, New York, Venice, Egypt, and even visit a pirate ship.

The famous “Welcome to Las Vegas” sign, which has joined the list of symbols of the city, greets us at the very beginning of the Strip. Those who want to take a picture with him can walk to him or take a bus.

Fremont Street, which gave rise to the development of casinos and entertainment in Vegas, is home to its oldest hotels. Not many people know about this, and not everyone gets there, staying all the time on the Strip. But life on Fremont is also in full swing, the lights are also brightly lit, the bars are just as noisy, and the evenings delight with unique light shows.

Outside the Strip and Fremont Street, the tourist has little to do. The further you go from the main streets of the city, the poorer the landscape becomes. But, all the sights are located on the same territory, which is convenient. It is never boring here either day or night. There are many museums, exhibitions, attractions, restaurants and clubs in Las Vegas, everyone will find something to their liking. Here’s an example of what we did besides going to hotels.

view from the high roller
view from the high roller

More things to do in Las Vegas:

Play in casino. The first thing that we saw upon arrival was countless rows of slot machines that start right from the plane’s ramp. The number of casinos in the city is uncountable. It is not necessary to try to hit the jackpot, you can just play “for show”. You can’t fly to Vegas and not try at least a couple of cars!

Look into the wedding chapels. The spontaneous city marriages often featured in films are not a myth at all. You can have a wedding here in record time. Chapels are found on the Strip and beyond. Tourists are allowed inside, unless the next ceremony is taking place at that moment. You can look into a couple of such chapels for fun.

Watch free shows. Despite the fact that Vegas is not a cheap city, it is famous for its free shows and exhibitions hosted by hotel owners to attract tourists. I strongly advise you to see this beauty with your own eyes. Soon, an article about such shows will be published on my blog.

Rate paid shows. Vegas is famous for them: judging by the reviews, shows in the style of Cirque du Soleil are distinguished by incredible entertainment and quality of production. In addition, the city hosts all kinds of comedy shows, performances of illusionists, and many others. Unfortunately, we haven’t seen a single one, but we will definitely do it next time. And I advise you.

Take pictures with urban characters. Ladies in various costumes, strangely dressed men are walking around the city, and from every corner you can hear the singing of Elvis, or rather his counterparts, dressed in the signature Presley outfit.

Admire the city from above. Climb somewhere higher to appreciate the beauty of this city and take some shots. For example, the observation deck of the Stratosphere Hotel offers a breathtaking view.

Taste Coca-Cola at the gift shop. There is a two-story store on the Strip called Everything Coca-Cola where you can taste cola and buy yourself a couple of keepsakes. I included this place in my trip plan, as I am a big fan of such shops.

Address: 3785 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV

Eiffel tower in Vegas
Eiffel tower in Vegas

Transportation in Las Vegas.

There is no metro in the city, but there are more than enough buses. There is really one drawback in them – the traffic lights in Vegas are incredibly long, but on the Strip they are at every step, and we have stuck in traffic more than once. But a taxi is a little expensive, so you can either put up with the slowness, or walk.

Deuce Double Decker Buses – Run only on the Strip 24/7 from Fremont Street to the Mandalay Bay Hotel. From 7:00 to 2:00 – every 15 minutes, from 2:00 to 7:00 – every 20 minutes. Cost: for 2 hours – $ 6, for a day – $ 8, for 3 days – $ 20, for 30 days – $ 65; the number of trips is not limited, children under 5 years old are free. You can pay through terminals at some stations or at the entrance to the bus at the machine (it does not give you change). Passengers enter through the front door, exit through the back. The bus itself warns of the next stop over the loudspeaker. But, if you need to get out, inform the driver in advance using the red Request Stop button, because if no one does this, he may pass by. You can climb up to the 2nd floor and arrange a bus tour of the Strip. If you need to get to the other end of the city, please be patient: there will be stops at every step, alternating with traffic lights along the way. The drive from Fremont Street to Bellagio took us about 50 minutes.

Buses SDX-Strip Downtown Express – runs from 9:00 to 00:00, repeats the Deuce route with the exception of some stops, plus stops in some areas in the south and north, where Deuce does not go. The bus is one-decker, ticket prices are the same as Deuce’s.

Clickable route map of both buses from black rectangles mean there is a ticket vending machine at these stops.

Monorail is a more sophisticated way to travel the Strip without traffic jams. Trains run on Mon 7: 00-00: 00, Tue-Thu 7: 00-02: 00, Fri-Sun 7: 00-03: 00. Cost – 1 trip – $ 5, per day – $ 12, for 2 days – $ 22, for 3 days – $ 28, for 4 days – $ 36, for 5 days – $ 43, for a week – $ 56, children under 5 years old – free. Some types of tickets are only available at the box office, check their opening hours and locations at Monorail Route: SLS Las Vegas Station (station at SLS) – Westgate Las Vegas – Las Vegas Convention Center – Harrah’s / The LINQ Station – Flamingo / Caesars Palace (station at Flamingo) – Bally’s / Paris (station at Bally’s) – MGM Grand. The duration of the trip from start to finish is 14 minutes.

Free monorails on selected short routes: Mandalay Bay – Luxor – Excalibur Tram (Mon-Fri 11: 00-22: 30, Sat-Sun 11: 30-00: 30); Monte Carlo – Aria – Bellagio Tram (8: 00-04: 00); Mirage – Treasure Island Tram (Sun-Thu 9: 00-01: 00, Fri-Sat 9: 00-02: 00)

Clickable Monorail Route Map. Blue circles mean there is a ticket vending machine at these stops.

Taxi – starting price at the counter – $ 3. The counter ticks not by miles, but by minutes. Taking into account the constant traffic lights and traffic jams, even a small distance will cost you at least $ 20.

If you need to drive along the streets perpendicular to the Strip, buses and taxis also go along them. You will need to get to the nearest stop on the Strip on Duce or Express, and from there change to another bus you need. Also, the city has many offices where you can rent a car. Perfect for trips to other cities and states.

For the rich, there are mini-helicopters and limousines here. Whatever you want, just pay!

gondola rides at the venetian
gondola rides at the venetian

Where to eat in Las Vegas:

On the Strip, going to a restaurant will not cost you cheap. Most often, tourists use the buffets that are in every hotel. The average price of a buffet is $ 20-25 for breakfast and $ 40-45 for lunch. In addition, the hotels have fast food corners – Food courts, where you can have a bite to eat in Subway, Sbarro and other eateries. McDonald’s and cafes like Denny’s are also on the Strip.

Las Vegas has a lot of different establishments like Italian, Mexican, Chinese, Russian restaurants, and so on. Also, cafes that work on the principle of a buffet are very popular here – All you can eat – you pay to enter and eat whatever you want. The average price depends on the place and time of day: from $ 20 to $ 35. Somewhere a waiter comes up to you and brings a dish, and somewhere you fill your plates yourself. It is not allowed to take food with you, but in some places this can be done for an additional fee. From All you can eat, we chose, of course, sushi.

!! Fact: Las Vegas often hosts major sporting events and all sorts of events. During such periods, prices for hotels and menus in restaurants increase. We got to the time of the basketball match and the Americans’ spring break. There were too many people in the city, and the restaurants, taking advantage of this, simply replaced their menus with others – with increased prices by one and a half times.

Hotels in Las Vegas

In total, Las Vegas has more than 135,000 hotel rooms, from low budget to truly royal. Most of the newest and most prestigious hotels are located in the south of the city center and along the famous Strip. And even the smallest of these hotels has more than 2 thousand rooms. Well, in large casino hotels (Luxor, The Signature at MGM, Bellagio, The Mirage, Hilton Grand Vacations Suites, Treasure Island, etc.) there are hundreds of gaming tables and thousands of slot machines, as well as restaurants, concert halls, shops and bars. … It should be noted that prices for accommodation in such establishments are among the highest in the city.

In addition, Las Vegas has many themed (romantic, wellness, designer, family, etc.) and budget hotels (Hostel Cat Las Vegas, Claremont Hotel Las Vegas, Super 8, etc.).

Stratosphere casino hotel  & tower
Stratosphere casino hotel & tower

Entertainment and recreation in Las Vegas

First of all, Las Vegas is the largest world center of the gambling industry, so hundreds of grandiose casinos are concentrated here, for example, Caesar’s Palac, which is famous for its luxury, large-scale show programs and colossal size. Moreover, most of the casinos, which are also hotels, are real architectural and entertainment masterpieces made in a variety of styles. For example, the Bellagio Hotel is famous for the magnificent Singing Fountains show, real pirate battles are played out at the Treasure Island Hotel, and at The Mirage you can watch erupting volcanoes and white tigers. In general, all the hotels in the city are like whole amusement parks, where excitement and unrestrained fun reign.

However, Las Vegas is not only the famous gambling capital, but also the center of a wide variety of entertainment. Here, in many hotels, unsurpassed shows with the participation of show business stars are regularly held, as well as major sports events, in particular, boxing fights.

The center of the city’s entertainment industry is two main streets – Fremont Street and The Strip. The latter is famous for its Broadway musicals (The Lion King, The Phantom of the Opera, etc.), while the former is famous for its amusement parks, dance shows and circus performances. Las Vegas is replete with countless strip clubs and luxurious cabarets with the most original performances.

Well, for fans of modern music and dance, Las Vegas will delight with a large number of discos, nightclubs and bars, among which the Pure club, the Pussycat Dolls bar and the LAX club are worth highlighting.

view from the Eiffel tower
view from the Eiffel tower

A few words about budget hotels in Las Vegas:

It is often possible to find rooms at quite affordable prices through sales. There are also “cool” hotels on Fremont Street. In addition, you will find quite a few motels, hostels and more budget hotels in the streets adjacent to the Strip or in its “outskirts”. You will have to walk or drive to the heart of the city, but the price will be reasonable.

I want to warn you that Vegas has a big “problem” in the form of a resort fee – a daily fee for additional hotel services, which cannot be refused. It ranges from $ 25 to $ 40 per day, and includes such “very useful things on vacation” as fax, use of the gym, and Wi-Fi, which can be caught for free in any cafe anyway. Even in cheap motels, the resort fee is still present in the amount of $ 5- $ 15. Do not forget about this when booking rooms.

Vegas is not worth visiting for long. After some time, casinos and noisy streets will start to get boring, and “Wow!” the effect disappears, an overdose of fun sets in. The way out of this situation is to rent a car / book a bus tour to other places in Nevada, for example, to the Valley of Fire, or drive to Arizona or California.

fountains of Bellagio
fountains of Bellagio

Distances from Las Vegas to other cities:

  • Las Vegas to Valley of Fire: 80 km
  • Las Vegas to Carson City: 700 km
  • From Las Vegas to Page: 440 km
  • Las Vegas to Grand Canyon: 530 km
  • Las Vegas to Los Angeles: 440 km
  • Las Vegas to Phoenix: 485 km

But, of course, it’s up to you to decide. Who knows when it will be possible to break out into the city of sin next time.

Finally, a list of the most famous films that were shot in Vegas:

  • Bachelor Party in Vegas (The Hangover)
  • 11 Ocean’s Eleven
  • What Happens in Vegas
  • Vegas ticket (Russian film)
  • TV series Las Vegas (Las Vegas)
  • Showgirls
  • Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas