HELSINKI – The Capital Of Finland

Written on October 8, 2020 in EUROPE

Where is Helsinki?  Helsinki, the capital and largest city of Finland, is an amazing and distinctive place. Founded in 1550 by the King of Sweden, the city became the capital of Finland in 1812 and at about the same time began to rebuild like St. Petersburg. Today Helsinki is a modern European city with a lively business...

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SEVILLE – The Capital Of Andalusia (Spain)

Written on August 9, 2020 in EUROPE

 Truly a beautiful place – hot, sunny, ancient and romantic. Anyone who has at least once learned what Seville is, learned what Spain is. Holidays in Seville include midday promenades, trips to the beaches, many museums and photo sessions at the ancient city walls. Welcome to the south of Spain in hospitable Andalusia! Seville –...

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STOCKHOLM – The Capital Of Sweden

Written on August 8, 2020 in EUROPE

Stockholm – What to see and why to go? Stockholm (Stockholm) – the Swedish capital, which is recognized as one of the most beautiful in all of Europe. The name of the city is translated as “log island”. For its picturesque location on 14 islands surrounded by the Baltic Sea and Lake Mälaren, it is...

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EDINBURGH – The Capital Of Scotland

Written on July 31, 2020 in EUROPE

Edinburgh in Scotland and its attractions – stories of knights and ghosts Edinburgh is one of the most mysterious cities in old Europe. Its medieval walls keep the secrets of several centuries, tell the stories of knights and kings. This mystical gem of Scotland is proud of its legends and myths. They say that tunnels...

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MUNICH – The Capital Of Bavaria (Germany)

Written on July 30, 2020 in EUROPE

Munich is a city of 1.5 million and the capital of Bavaria, the largest region in southeastern Germany. Tours to Munich are popular with travelers due to the huge number of historical monuments, picturesque nature and the status of the “beer capital” of the world – the famous Oktoberfest festival is held here. The city...

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DUBROVNIK – City Guide For Travelers (Croatia)

Written on July 15, 2020 in Croatia

History of Dubrovnik Dubrovnik’s predecessor was Ragusium (Ragusa), a refugee settlement from the Illyrian colony Epidaurus, which arose in the 7th century on the island of Laus Lave off the coast. (Its inhabitants were subordinated to Byzantium until 1000, then the city passed under Venetian authority.) Later, a Slavic settlement “Dubrava...

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LISBON – The Capital Of Portugal

Written on July 14, 2020 in EUROPE

General information about Lisbon Lisbon is the capital of Portugal. It is located on the banks of the Tagus River. The open skyline of the city, its unpretentious atmosphere and a mixture of architectural styles give it a unique flavor. It is quite easy to navigate here, all the streets of the city are straight,...

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CANNES – Resort Town On The French Riviera

Written on July 9, 2020 in EUROPE

Cannes is one of the fashionable resorts of the Cote d’Azur. Snow-white hotels and villas are lined up along the Croisette. Along the sea stretches a strip of beaches with specially brought here golden sand. If you come to Cannes, be sure to walk along the famous Croisette, where you will see the world famous...

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SAINT-TROPEZ – Resort On The French Riviera

Written on July 7, 2020 in EUROPE

Where is Saint Tropez located? Saint-Tropez is located on the south coast of France, which is called the Cote d’Azur due to the delightful color of coastal waters. The “neighbors” of Saint-Tropez are the cities of Saint-Maxim, Ramatuelle, Gassin and La Croix-Valme. A little further towards Nice are Frejus, Cannes, Antibes and Cagn...

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NICE – City In France (Tourist Information)

Written on July 4, 2020 in EUROPE

Interesting in Nice for tourists France has always attracted a large number of tourists. In this country there are many amazing places that bring delight and an unforgettable experience. One of the popular cities to visit is Nice. During their stay in the French resort, travelers can carry out a rich program of excursions. Historical...

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